Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes: Reanimated Seasonal Event!

The Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes commonly known as “Reanimated,” is now live. This significant update adds a new seasonal event, a new exotic weapon, a new gear set, many new named items, and a lot of general bug fixes and improvements to the game. In this article we will discuss all this things ans give you full detail information on this patch notes. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes:-

In Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes it fixed the issue with the Determined and Perfect Determined talent could be triggered by skills that have impact damage.

Other New Events Schedule:-

Added the following Global Events to the season’s schedule:

  • Reanimated starts on August 22nd
  • SHD Exposed starts on September 5th
  • Golden Bullet starts on September 19th

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes – Reanimated Seasonal Event:-

The Reanimated Seasonal Event will be available for a short time from August 22 to September 19. Players will be able to earn exclusive gifts by completing challenges and destroying enemies during this event. A new game mode dubbed Nightmare Mode is one of the key features of the Reanimated Seasonal Event.

Enemies will be more powerful in Nightmare Mode, and there will be fewer checkpoints. This mode will offer gamers a fresh challenge as well as the chance to earn exclusive rewards. During the Reanimated Seasonal Event, players will also be able to receive exclusive gifts by completing tasks. New cosmetics, weapons, and Gear Sets are among the rewards.

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes

New Features And Improvement in Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes:-

  • The Ravenous Exotic Weapon:

The Ravenous Exotic Weapon is a long-ranged weapon that fires explosive rounds added in Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes. These rounds have the potential to do massive damage to enemies, especially when tied together. The Ravenous also features a one-of-a-kind ability that allows players to consume their magazine and deliver massive damage to opponents in front of them. This skill can be quite handy when dealing with large numbers of opponents.

  • The Future Instict Gear Set:

The Future Instinct Gear Set is a Gear Set for close-quarters combat. This set grants players a range of boosts that increase their power when fighting opponents up close. The Future Instinct gear set also includes a unique ability that allows players to use their Signature Ability to create a temporary shield. This shield can be very helpful in close-quarters combat.

  • New Named Items:

In TU 18.4, several new Named Items will be added to the game. These goods offer players amazing perks that can aid them in defeating opponents. The “Deathgrips” gloves, “The Gift” backpack, and “Fool’s Errand” chestpiece are among the new Named Items.

Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes


Title Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes is a major update that adds a number of new features and improvements. Reanimated, the new seasonal event, will present players with a fresh challenge as well as the opportunity to get exclusive rewards.

The Ravenous, a new exotic weapon, and The Future Instinct, a new Gear Set, will provide players new methods to build their characters and take down opponents. Also, Division 2 18.4 Patch Notes general bug fixes and changes will help to improve the game’s stability and performance.

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