Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build Latest 2023

In Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build is a support class that can later advance into the Priest or Monk subclasses. The primary role of the Acolyte is to support allies through healing, buffs, and morale attacks rather than engaging in direct enemy destruction. This guide focuses on the best Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build, providing recommendations for stats and skills development for both subclasses.

Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build Latest 2023

If your desired role is to be a healer and excel at defeating undead enemies, the Acolyte class is an ideal choice in Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build. This intelligent support character possesses healing abilities and a strong inclination for battling demons. To optimize your character’s performance, it is essential to allocate points and raise stats wisely.

Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build

Every character in Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build possesses six stats: STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK. The emphasis on specific stats varies depending on the role, and for the Acolyte class, DEX and INT are crucial. Additionally, it is vital to stay on the battlefield for an extended period to maintain the health and morale of your allies. Let’s delve into these stats and understand their significance for the Acolyte class.

  • DEX: Dexterity reduces casting time and provides both magical and physical damage reductions. These aspects are crucial for a support role as the Acolyte supports the team by casting buffs and heals.
  • INT: Unlike many other classes, intelligence cannot be disregarded for the Acolyte. It offers SP recovery, increases SP range, and reduces magical damage and casting time. These attributes are highly valuable for the Acolyte’s roles in Ragnarok Origin.

Champion Build Ragnarok Origin: Complete Guide 2023

While some stats may not be as relevant for a support-focused Acolyte, such as INT being more suited for magic-focused heroes, and VIT providing a maximum HP boost, it is recommended to allocate Attribute Points to DEX, STR, and AGI. This stat spread will assist in building a robust Acolyte character starting from base level 10, progressing into a Priest as a second job at base level 40, and ultimately becoming a High Priest at base level 70.

Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build

Ragnarok Origin Acolyte Build class branches into two lines: Priest and Monk. For free-to-play (F2P) players, it is advisable to advance in the Priest line. Transitioning from Priest to High Priest unlocks valuable skills like Holy Ward, Meditatio, and Judex. On the other hand, the Monk line evolves into a Champion, offering skills such as Spirit Bomb, Blade Stop, and True Gombak Wave. Unlike the Priest line, the Acolyte division in this case utilizes melee items. Here are notable skills for each line:

  • Acolyte: Heal, Blessing, and Kyrie Eleison.
  • Priest: Impositio Manus, Sanctuary, and Gloria.
  • High Priest: Meditatio, Assumptio, and Holy Ward.
  • Monk: Aeration, Geumgang Indestruction, and Wire Sheet.
  • Champion: Optical Axis, Right of Thought, and Geombaek Wave.

Once you have completed the tutorial and gained basic adventurer skills, you should be at level 10, ready to choose your class. This is a significant decision that depends on your personal play style and whether you prefer solo or group play. Opting for the Acolyte as your first job indicates a focus on team play, utilizing the Acolyte’s strengths in hunting demons and undead creatures while providing healing support to allies. Equipping your character with suitable accessories and weaponry is essential for survival on the battlefield.

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