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Ragnarok Origin Element Weakness: Element Table Details

Ragnarok Origin Element Weakness: This article talks about various elemental properties and weaknesses; a player should know about them (Element strength & Weakness). As elements interact, their inherent qualities can either strengthen, weaken, or neutralise strikes.

There in the Ragnarök game series, each character and monster has an element. Aside from the neutral element, each element has advantages over other elements as well as disadvantages.

There is a lot of overlap between the terms “property” “attribute” and “element.”

Ragnarok Origin Element Weakness Details

Ragnarok Origin Element Weakness

There are ten distinct Elements in RO. There are some attacks that have no element and are fully unaffected by elemental modifiers, including the melee attacks of monsters. Attacks like these are known as non-elemental.

  • Basic elemental property: Neutral as a first element, the ragnarok origin element weakness of the element is the ghosty property. Several talents and monsters have neutral properties. Since Neutral lacks an elemental weakness, the Ghost property does not work as well against it as the other properties do. Unless otherwise stated, all weapons have Neutral property.
  • Water is the property opposite of Wind. Water is the weakest against the Wind property and deals the most destruction to monsters and armour with the Fire property. With a Mystic Frozen, weapons can be made with the Water attribute.
  • Earth – When it comes to the Fire and Wind properties, Earth takes the most damage. A Great Nature can be used to create weapons using an Earthly attribute.
  • The most destructive force against Earth is fire, which is the antithesis of it. Monsters and armour with a Fire skill has ragnarok origin element weakness to Water. A Flame Heart can be used to manufacture weapons with the Fire attribute.
  • Wind: Wind causes additional harm to the Water attribute and its elemental weakness is Earth. A Rough Wind can be used to manufacture weapons with the Wind characteristic.
  • Poison – The Poison Attribute is distinct from the Status Effect. A weapon’s element can be changed to poison with the assassin talent Enchant Poison.
  • Holy: The Holy element deals additional damage to the Shadow element and is vulnerable to it. The Priest’s Aspersio ability can temporarily bestow the Holy property on weapons, while the Royal Guard’s Piety ability and B.S. Sacramenti can bestow the Holy property on armour.
  • Shadow should not be confused with undead and demonic types. The most destructive force against holy is shadow, which is the reverse of it. Weapons having the Shadow Property are momentarily enchanted by the Cursed Water.
  • Only the Ghost element has an element weakness to Ghost.
  • Those that are undead can be hurt by using the abilities Healing, Convert Dead, Rebirth, Sanctuary, Maximus Exorcisms, and High Cure. Also immune to the Frozen and Stone statuses, the Provoke skill, and the knockback from of the Fire Wall talent are deceased elemental players and monsters.

Note: Elemental Weakness & Details are important for utilizing the correct once to make the game more fun and competitive while playing.

Ragnarok Origin Element Table of Damages

Ragnarok Origin Element Weakness

The two types of elements in Ragnarok origin are attacking and defending. A defence element’s weaknesses and resistances are enhanced in relation to its level, which is divided into four categories. There is no level separation for the attacking elements. Each attacking & defending elements has its own Elemental weakness & strength.

Players have an attacking element and a defence element, both of which are by default Neutral, but which can be altered by utilising particular skills, armour, or artefacts, donning certain weapons, or compounding specific cards. The defence component of a character is everytime at Level 1.

Monsters only have one element for defence, but they can use talents to unleash elemental assaults.

Ragnarok Origin Elements Details

In the beginning, Ragnarok origin element weakness, details were modelled according to ther requirement of the gamers, after RO Elements in that they were given to monsters in a similar manner (water, earth, fire, wind, poison, saint, dark, psychokinesis, and death). Components were included in the game’s code from the beginning, but they were never really made available. Since the release of the Arrival of Valkyrie update for RO2, each creature in the game is now equipped with one of the game’s five elements.

  • Earth is one of nature’s fundamental forces (Green Plant)
  • The fundamental energies of creation are life. The Blue Angel
  • The fundamental forces of chaos are thought. Purple Night This component is designated as Sinister in iRO2.
  • Firmament: The forces of Order at their most basic. (Day Yellow)
  • The basic forces of destruction are called ruin. The Red Demon This element is designated as Destruction on iRO2.

Note: In this above-mentioned list the Ragnarok origin element weakness is similar to as explained in the mentioned details of above paragraphs.

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