Billy Roblox Bundle Deleted: How to Get Even Its Gone!

Few day before developer released Billy Roblox Bundle for the player in the avatar shop. However, the bundle was deleted from the avatar shop a few hours after it was released, and it has become a collector’s item.

In this article, we’ll look into the Billy Roblox Bundle’s backstory. We’ll look at how it came to be, why it was removed, and how you can still get your hands on it even if it’s gone.

Billy Roblox Bundle

What Is Billy Roblox Bundle?

The Billy Roblox Bundle was a free bundle released by mPhase in the avatar shop on August 18, 2023. It was one of the very first free UGC packages. A torso, two limbs, two legs, a dynamic head, and a mood animation made the bundle.

Billy Roblox Bundle

The description of the bundle was the popular copy and paste comment shaming “/e free”, a phony “command” typically said in the Roblox avatar store comments to trick the user into thinking that the command rewards them the item.

A few hours after its release, the Free Billy Roblox Bundle was removed away from the avatar shop. It is unclear why the bundle was removed, however it is likely that it was removed due to negative feedback.

Billy Roblox Bundle

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Why Billy Roblox Bundle Deleted?

The reason could be the body features of the Billy Roblox bundle, that did not meet Roblox’s strict avatar size requirements. In other words, the components of the bundle, possibly its dimensions and proportions, may have left from the platform’s requirements, resulting in its deleted.

The Bolly Roblox bundle was issued without proper testing, which could have resulted in bugs or other problems. who thought the bundle to be low-quality and gave it negative feedback.

The bundle was created to be a joke or hoax, and Roblox decided to discontinue it after finding how poorly it was received. Till now it is unclear why Roblox removed the Billy Roblox Bundle. The most likely explanation, though, is that it did not match the platform’s requirements.

Billy Roblox Bundle

How Can Still Get Billy Roblox Bundle?

The Free Billy Roblox Bundle is not available right now. The avatar shop removed the bundle and it is no longer available. Even if you found a working link to the bundle, there is no way to find it back.

The Billy Roblox Bundle was a limited-time promotion that has since become a collector’s item. If you want to buy the bundle, you’ll need to find someone who is willing to sell it to you.

Billy Roblox Bundle


The Billy Roblox Bundle is a one-of-a-kind and strange item that has caught the interest of many Roblox users. While it is no longer available, it is still an ongoing matter of controversy and discussion. Who knows, maybe it will be released again one day.

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