How To Get Manny Stickman Roblox?

The Manny Stickman Roblox is a free item introduced on August 18, 2023. It came with a Manny Stickman avatar, a Manny Stickman backpack, with a Manny Stickman sword. However, the bundle only available for the first 24 hours after its release. Don’t worry if you missed out on the bundle.

Manny Stickman Bundle can still be obtained in various ways in Roblox.This article tell you about Manny Stickman Roblox bundle and how you are able to get Manny Stickman Roblox. We’ll also discuss the Manny Stickman event, which is now going on through August 25, 2023.

Manny Stickman Roblox

Manny Stickman Roblox Event:-

The Manny Stickman Roblox event is a collaboration between the Roblox game developing platform and the Manny Stickman animated series. Manny Stickman: Revenge, a new game, is part of the event, as are new items and cosmetics.

Manny Stickman: Revenge is a 2D side-scrolling action game in which you control Manny Stickman Roblox as he fights his way through a number of stages to avenge his friend’s murder. To survive, you must use their abilities and reflexes over a variety of opponents, traps, and obstacles.

Manny Stickman Roblox

The event also includes a fresh set of items and cosmetics, such as avatars, bags, and weapons. These things can be got either playing the Manny Stickman: Revenge game or by purchasing them from the Roblox shop.

The Manny Stickman Roblox event includes a number of in-game events and challenges in addition to the new game and bundles. Completing these events allows you to receive rewards such as special items and cosmetics. The Manny Stickman Roblox event will take place till August 25, 2023. If you like stickman games, make sure to check it out.

Important Topics:-

How to Get Manny Stickman in Roblox?

You can get Manny Stickman Roblox in two ways, here we guide you how to get Manny Stickman in Roblox:

1. Get it for free:-

Manny Stickman Roblox

The free Manny Stickman bundle launched on August 18, 2023, and it is only available for the first 24 hours. A Manny Stickman avatar, a Manny Stickman bag, and a Manny Stickman sword are included in the deal. To get the free bundle, visit the Roblox store and search for “Manny Stickman Roblox.” The bundle should be the first item shown. This are rules to get the free Manny Stickman bundle:

  • Open Roblox.
  • Select the “Catalog” option.
  • Type in the search bar with “Manny Stickman.”
  • Then select the “Manny Stickman” bundle.
  • Select the “Get” option.

2. Purchase It By Robux:-

Manny Stickman Roblox

Purchase a Manny Stickman Roblox avatar from the store. The Manny Stickman avatar is still for sale in the Roblox store. The avatar is priced at 100 Robux. If you want to purchase it then follow the steps to get Manny Stickman Roblox from the store:

  • Start Roblox.
  • Select the “Catalog” option.
  • Type in the search bar with “Manny Stickman.”
  • Select “Manny Stickman” as your avatar.
  • Select the “Buy” option.
  • Your inventory will be updated with the avatar.


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