Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile 2023: Easiest Way to Complete

Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile is live now for all the players out there. From August 18 through September 1, a brand-new event called The Seaside Slam Event will be playable on Call of Duty Mobile. Players in this event can contribute to the renovation of a beach by completing tasks and earning money. Then, these resources can be used to buy cosmetic rewards like calling cards, character skins, and weapon skins.

Weekly missions give players free character & weapon skins through the in-game updates. Complete Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile is one of the newest events. Some players, especially new players, could be perplexed as to what the token exchange is and how to finish the Seaside Slam event on COD Mobile. Let’s discuss the mission and how to finish it.

Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile

Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile

Activision published Call of Duty mobile in 2019 and also took the development part of it. Initially, Tencent Games and Kiwi Games were in charge of COD Mobile, but Activision took over the development after some privacy issues by Indian Government. Activision’s developers frequently try to attract players’ attention more with improvements via updates.

One of the newest updates has introduced a mission that you have to Complete Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile. In this article, we are going to share some tips with you that how to Complete Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile. Let’s check this out-


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Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile

Here are some pointers for finishing the Seaside Slam Event’s challenges:

  • Play multiplayer games on maps like Domination or Hardpoint that include a lot of objectives. This will enable you to win more games and get more points.
  • To gain more kills and earn extra points, use operator skills and scorestreaks.
  • Play with your friends, as you will score more points when you are in a group.

Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile

The following are some of the prizes you can win at the Seaside Slam event:

  • Weapon skins: The AK-47 – Seaside Slam, the M4 – Seaside Slam, and the DR-H – Seaside Slam weapon skins are available through this event to obtain in Seaside Slam Shop.
  • Character skins: The Seaside Slam Shop offers two character skins: the Battery – Seaside Slam and the Ghost – Seaside Slam.
  • Calling cards: The Seaside Slam Shop sells a number of calling cards, including the Surf’s Up Calling Card, the Golden Beach Calling Card, and the Seaside Slam Calling Card.

Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile

The Fund is the most needed thing in this event. You need Fund points to claim several prizes. To Play Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile, Just go to the event tab and then click on the “Seaside Slam” banner. Here you can see your tasks to complete the mission.

We will suggest you complete this mission in MP matches. Especially in Hardpoint Matches to complete it easily. Because BR matches are long & you can not get kill points easily.MP matches are small and give you much more Kill points to complete Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile.

There are several challenges in this Seaside Slam Event COD Mobile which are divided into three tiers. The Bronze, Silver and Gold tier challenges are there. The different challenges contain different tasks to complete. Also, you will get rewards according to these tier challenges.

That is all for in this article. Hope you like it. Follow us for more amazing updates & news related to COD Mobile. Thank You.


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