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COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023: What is The Best Gun?

COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023 is updated now according to the players. There are lots of updates that make some gun nerf & some buff. In this article, we are going to give a brief idea about the latest COD Mobile Gun Tier List which will help you to get ready for the gameplay.

COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023: Which Gun is Most Powerful?

COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023

COD Mobile is a Battle Royale Game that is inspired by the PC Version of it, which is one of the popular games. At first, it was released by Tencent, but after data privacy, Activision has taken the development role. COD Mobile also provides a variety range of guns available in the game.

But here the problem arose. Which gun is most useful in close range, which sniper is best for long range & which serves most in mid-range? Here we are going to give you a brief idea about the available guns. Let us start-

Tier List which you need!

In this article, we are going to categorise guns by A, B, C & D, where A is the most valuable & D is the one you can avoid. With the updates, some guns get nerfed & some get buffed by the developers. So the list will be updated if any gun needs to change in the tier list.

  1. A Tier Guns:

  • M13– An Assualt Rifle with low recoil & high fire rate. It is a good all-rounder gun that can be used.
  • CBR4– A SMG that is very powerful with a high fire rate. SMGs are suitable for close range, but this gun is effective at medium range too.
  • R9-0– It is a Shotgun which is one shot for enemies. Shotguns are deadly for close range.
  • Holger 26- Holger 26 is an LMG with a high fire rate and accuracy. So it can be easily used for medium to somehow long range.
  • DL Q33- The best sniper available in the game. Best for long-range users.

2. B Tier Guns:

  • SKS- SKS holds the A-tier being a Sniper Rifle. If you are used to SKS then easily you can utilise it for medium to long range.
  • MW11- We know a pistol is a secondary weapon. But MW11 is great for close-range fights if your primary weapon is without ammo or it is in reload.
  • Peacekeeper MK2- A good assault rifle that has good damage output. It can be used for long ranges.
  • Krig 6- A good accuracy gun that also can be used for long-range fights. Also, the firing rate is good enough for the medium range.
  • Oden- This is a good LMG for long-range usage. It has great damage output.

COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023

3. C Tier Guns:

  • AS Val- A powerful gun with a high fire rate. But with high recoil sometimes it is difficult to control.
  • AK-47- It was a very good gun at the starting days of the game. However, with high recoil people also do not like this gun much.
  • CR-56 AMAX- CR-56 AMAX has very good accuracy & high damage. But it lacks with the low firing rate.
  • HVK 30- It is an assault rifle with a high fire rate, but it lacks its high recoil.
  • QQ9- It has great accuracy with a high firing rate.

4. D Tier Guns:

We are not going to discuss much about these D tier guns because it is not very useful so we do not want to waste any time mentioning them. One of them is Chicom, a very bad gun after the updates. COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023 is mainly covered Tier A, B, & C.

That is all about the COD Mobile Gun Tier List 2023 in this article. Follow us for more amazing updates in future.

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