Understanding and Fixing 5b1302 COD Mobile Authorization Error!

5b1302 COD mobile: Call of Duty Mobile is an extremely successful mobile game that is available for both Android and iOS. However, some players faced an annoying issue while playing the game: a login error with the 5b1302 COD mobile and 5b100 COD mobile.

This two issues may ban players from logging in or disconnect them from the game server. So in this article we will look at some of the causes of this authorization error call of duty mobile and how to fix it. So stay in this article and know all of this.

5b1302 COD mobile

What is error 5b1302 COD mobile?

The CODM authorization error 5b1302 is an authentication problem, however the cause is unknown. It could be related to server or network issues. Some players had succeed in resolving the error 5b1302 COD mobile through specific steps.

Such as restarting their mobile device, cleaning the cache and data for the game, checking Facebook permissions, attempting alternating login methods, or even reinstalling the game. It’s also important to understand that this issue could be related to a failed Facebook login.

5b1302 COD mobile

How to fix CODM Authorization error 5b1302?

To fix CODM authorization error 5b1302 is not as difficult as it might look like. Here are some simple methods you can try:

  1. Restart your phone and COD Mobile.
  2. Clear the COD Mobile app’s cache and data.
  3. Check your Facebook permissions.
  4. Use a different login method.
  5. Install the COD Mobile app again.

If none of these ways work, the problem could be either the server and the app itself. Checking online forums or social media for similar player experiences and official updates from the creators can be useful in these situations.

What is error 5B100 COD mobile?

Another authorization error that might occur in COD Mobile is Error 5B100. Although there is few information about this error code 5b100 COD mobile is limited. It is likely to be due to server difficulties, erroneous login information, an unstable internet connection, or corrupted app data.

5b1302 COD mobile

What is the cause of error 5B100 COD mobile?

There is no specific or exact cause of the CODM authorization error 5B100. However, based on normal authorization error call of duty mobile fixing processes. Just like error 5b1302 it can related to server faults and incorrect login information, an weak internet connection, or corrupted cache or app data.

5b1302 COD mobile

How To Fix error 5B100 COD mobile?

Follow the following steps to fix the 5B100 COD Mobile error:

  • Check your internet connection: Find out that you have a stable and dependable internet connection.
  • Check your login information: Check that you’re using the right login information.
  • Remove the cache and data: Remove any unneeded data to eliminate potential bugs.
  • Restart your phone and COD Mobile: A restart can frequently resolve temporary problems.
  • Check out for scheduled maintenance or server problems: Some difficulties may be caused by server issues, so keep an eye out for official bulletins or updates.
  • Install the COD Mobile app again: If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.

5b1302 COD mobile


Players may be frustrated by the 5b1302 COD Mobile authorization error, but it is not insurmountable. You have a decent chance of resolving the problem and going back to enjoying the game if you follow the basic troubleshooting methods given. Remember to stay up to date on any official announcements or changes from the game developers, as this may also help in the search for a solution.



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