Holocure Gold Farm: How To Get 50k Coins Per Day?

Holocure Gold Farm is a technique for efficiently collecting Coins, the in-game currency. If you are having trouble in collecting Holocoins and don’t don’t know how to farm Holocure gold then stay in this article. This article will clear your dought and help you to get many holocure coins. So let’s discuss the best ways of Holocure gold farm. And step by step instructions of how to do it.

Holocure Gold Farm

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Best Ways Of Holocure Gold Farm:-

There are many methods to do Holocure Gold Farm this, but a few of the most popular are as follows:

  • Endless Mode Farming:

Endless Mode is a special mode in which you can keep playing the same stage for as long as you can live. This is a great way of farming holocure coins because you can collect them indefinitely.

  • Using the Super Chatto Time item:

The Super Chatto Time item increases coin generation by 100% for a limited time. This can be an excellent strategy to increase your coin profits.

  • Equipping the Halu pet:

Equipping the Halu pet increases your coin production by 10%. This is a small bonus, but it can add in over time.

  • Using the Stolen Piggy Bank stamp:

You will generate coins by moving about using the Stolen Piggy Bank stamp. This can be an excellent way to passively collect coins.

  • Choosing the correct character:

Some characters are better than others at farming holocure coins.

Holocure Gold Farm

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Step By Step Instructions For Holocure Gold Farming:-

Follow this step by step by step instructions to get coins:

Step 1: Select the right character. Some characters are better than others in gathering coins. For example, IRyS has a passive ability that improves her coin collection.

Step 2: Increase your coin production to the greatest extent possible. This increases the number of coins you gain per kill.

Step 3: Employ goods and stamps that increase coin creation. Here are some of the top gold farming tools and stamps:

  • Super Chatto Time: For a limited time, this item increases currency production by 100%.
  • Halu pet: This pet increases coin production by 10%.
  • The Stolen Piggy Bank stamp allows you to produce coins simply moving around.
  • Just Bandages: This stamp improves your health, allowing you to live longer and gather more cash.

Step 4: Select the most challenging difficulty level that you can handle. This will reward you with extra money per kill.

Step 5: As we discussed in our earlier paragraph that Farm in Endless Mode for the best results. Endless Mode is a unique mode in which you can continue playing the same stage for as long as you can live. This is an excellent way of farming Holocure coins because you can collect them indefinitely.

Holocure Gold Farm


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