Hololive x Valorant Meetup 2023 Complete Guide

The meetups of Hololive x Valorant meetup 2023 are coming to a finish. The Champions Tour Game Changer Championship LAN tournament in Berlin was the most recent sanctioned meetup. Since then, Valorant Champions Tour OFF/SEASON 2023 has hosted a number of third-party meetups, both LAN and online. However, another meetup named Hololive appears to be on the horizon for the gaming community. This appears to be a year-end tournament presented by Crown Channel and Riot Games, with streamers, content makers, and a few pro gamers fighting against each other.

Hololive x Valorant Meetup 2023 Complete Guide

Hololive will feature four groups of five players each going up against one another. However, the games that will be played at the meetup are yet unclear. Even the players appear to be ignorant about the game option, despite the fact that the activities would be Valorant-related. Hololive x Valorant will be held on August 4 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Crown Channel’s true Jerk and YouTube channels will communicate the meetup in real time.

Hololive x Valorant Meetup 2023

Group Undercity, Group Retaliation, Group RGX, and Group Convention are the four contending groups, driven by xChocoBars, meL, bnans, and Starsmitten, respectively. The names of all the teams appear to be based on existing skin sets in the game. Jacki Jing and Ali ‘Fantasy’ Kabbani will have the meetup.

Undercity’s Team

  • “xChocoBars” Janet Rose (captain)
  • Park, Peter
  • Higa, Ryan
  • “Shiphtur” Danny 
  • “Punz” Le Luke

Vengeance’s Team

  • “meL” Melanie Capone (captain)
  • Shymko Kyedae
  • Gurrarasi, Alexis
  • Alan “ethos” Jessica Kim Ruan

RGX Team

  • Kennedy, Hannah “bnans” (captain)
  • Lindsey “LuluLovely”
  • Timothy “iiTzTimmy”
  • Michael “shroud” Ortiz 
  • Justin “Just9n” Ortiz Grzesiek

Protocol Team

  • “Starstruck” Celine Cheung (captain) (captain)
  • “BoxBox” Albert “Stewie2k” Zheng 
  • Zheng “AverageJonas” Yip
  •  Jonas Kimi “AngelsKimi” 
  • Park of Navarre

“Valorant lives at the intersection of competitive gaming and emerging music, so collaborating with Amazon’s Crown Channel to throw an in-person meetup like Hololive that included both a gaming meetup starring some of Valorant’s fan-favorite streamers and a music meetup starring rising artists like Mike Dimes, Jae Park, and Dabin was a no-brainer,” she concluded.

Hololive x Valorant Meetup 2023 Complete Guide

Hololive x Valorant Meetup 2023 more details

The Mystery Boxes were shaped like gaming crates and contained noise-canceling headphones as well as Hololive x Valorant items like hats, sweatshirts, and mousepads. It also has Spike and Melee skins like the RGX 2.0 Butterfly Knife and Glitch Hop Knife copies. Finally, there was a wax seal letter the Crown addressed to the participants.

  • You’ve been selected to participate in Hololive
  • An exclusive end-of-year valorous celebration.
  • You will be put to the test and challenged.
  • So be ready to have an IRL Valorant experience.
  • You have buddies waiting in line.

Hololive has piqued the interest of the Valorant community, and it will be interesting to observe how the meetup evolves and how its players compare to one another. The whole meetup in Atlanta, Georgia, will be streamed live online. Followers may watch the action live on the Hololive x Valorant Twitch channel. Based on social media footage, Hololive appears to be promising. 

Amazon has been a consistent accomplice for in-game enactments, Jerk drops, and different meetups all through Uproar Games’ down library. The decision to stage another meetup in Hololive x Valorant, with live music and other product releases alongside Crown Channel, was decided fast and without hesitation, according to Riot’s Sr. Director of Brand Marketing Nikki Lewis. Crown Channel recently conducted a surprise activity in which they mailed a Mystery Box to all Hololive meetup attendees. 

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