4 Smart Home Devices You Should Have In Your House

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there’s always a nagging thought at the back of your head; remembering a task left undone or forgetting things like turning the A.C. off before leaving the house or forgetting to lock the front door! The latter would’ve really been a problem, so you’d have to drop everything you’d be doing, just to go home and double-check your doors.

It’s not surprising then that recently more people have opted for smart home devices – not just out of safety concerns, but also ease and convenience. Interconnecting multiple devices to a singular Wi-Fi source makes it simpler to access and control various appliances.

However, safety still remains one of the biggest reasons for getting smart home devices in the first place and Xfinity Home Security has been getting a lot of praise in terms of that.

Xfinity Home

As one of the largest ISPs in the United States, Xfinity also excels at providing 24/7 monitoring systems that help protect families and loved ones all across America.

It has an exceptionally fast response rate, with a team of trained specialists that monitor your surroundings 24/7. If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, you have the option to monitor your home yourself by simply getting the Xfinity Home app!

With advanced technology, you can check in via your smartphone from almost anywhere at any time or even get video recordings by the end of the day.

You can purchase security equipment of your choice, or subscribe to one of Xfinity’s security tiers.

Self-Protection Plan $10/month Basic home security with self-monitoring
Pro Protection Plan $40/month Professionally monitored by a team of experts
Pro Protection Plus Plan $50/month Professionally monitored while being able to access the video recording


To explore more details about these tiers or to view separate security equipment, you can click here or reach out to Xfinity’s helpline.

Here are our must-have smart home devices:

  1. Motion Sensors

If you have a tight budget and wouldn’t jump on the idea of installing a costly security camera, motion sensors might be a good alternative for you as they are inexpensive, so you can purchase multiple sensors and place them on any entry points in your home – doors, windows, balcony doors, etc.

This way, you’re instantly alerted if someone trespasses onto your property and an alarm goes out to your security monitoring company as well, who’ll then contact the appropriate authorities.

The motion sensors are also battery-operated and very budget-friendly, making them effective and efficient. You can even replace the batteries yourself; simply look up instructions at: xfinity..com/xfinityhomebatteryreplacement.

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  1. Smoke Detectors

One of the most valuable smart home gadgets that you can purchase, would be smoke detectors. By purchasing Xfinity’s smoke detector, you’ll have the ability to connect it to your smartphone to receive all sorts of alerts, even when you’re outside the house.

Since Xfinity has 20 million hotspots across the country that you can automatically connect to when you’re away from home, you can easily keep an ear out for any emergency alerts.

By staying connected, you can avoid any major catastrophes by alerting the local authorities and all it takes is a small investment on your part!

  1. Video Doorbell

If you’re someone who receives a lot of packages, and you have a lot of people coming and going from your front porch, it’s wise to have a video doorbell installed, in any event of unexpected guests.

Xfinity’s video doorbell can help you to see who’s standing outside via your smartphone so you’re never caught off-guard. With this level of added security and peace of mind, you no longer have to worry about intruders and if something does occur, you’ll always have footage of people with visible faces, making it easier for authorities to apprehend them.

  1. Indoor / Outdoor Camera

If you want to up your security game, the best option from Xfinity Home Security is its Indoor / Outdoor Camera! Costing $120, this camera’s features include night vision, weather resistance, and HD live video. You can get it professionally installed, or even do it yourself since all Xfinity security equipment comes with an installation guide and simple instructions that anyone can follow!

If you’d still prefer an expert’s touch, then you can call Xfinity’s 24/7 customer support helpline and schedule a time for when you’d prefer the technician to come over.

In Conclusion

While you may think that installing such gadgets will be a long and tedious process, Xfinity’s service guarantees otherwise! With help available all year round, you can reach out anytime – even on Sundays, as crazy as that sounds!

Making these upgrades to your home will ultimately create a safer environment for your loved ones. You can always explore more options here.

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