Free Dias MLBB: Free 5000 and 10000 Diamonds Everyday!

Free Dias MLBB: The Dias is a code word for “Diamonds” in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Diamonds are MLBB’s premium currency and may be used to buy a variety of products such as heroes, skins, emotes, and battle effects. They can also be used for recharging your Magic Wheel and Lucky Spin, which can provide you with even more items.

And here in this article we will shear you some ways to get the free 5000 diamonds MLBB and free 10000 dias MLBB. As to get them you have to work little hard but it, and it will worth if you complete it. So if you want to know all this method then stay in this article and now without any further delay let’s start the article.

Free Dias MLBB

How To Free Dias MLBB Everyday?

There are a few ways to get free Dias MLBB 2023, read it properly and apply:-

Complete daily tasks and achievements:

You can get free dias in MLBB by completing daily tasks and achievements. These tasks are usually easy, such as winning a set amount of matches or playing a specific number of games with a specific hero.

View ads:

You can also get free Dias MLBB by watching advertisements. These advertisements are often shory.

Participate in events: 

MLBB frequently offers events where free diamonds will be given away. These events might range from login rewards to contests.

Use redeem codes:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang will frequently give redeem codes for free dias. These codes can be found on the official MLBB website or social media accounts. By applying that you will get Free Dias MLBB .

Stream on MLBB:

If you stream MLBB on networks such as YouTube or Twitch, you can earn free diamonds. Diamonds can also be earned by becoming a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) streamer.

Get referrals:

By inviting your friends to play, you can earn Free Dias MLBB 2023. You will be paid with diamonds if your friends open an account and reach a specific level.

Free Dias MLBB

How To Get Free 5000 Dias and Free 10000 Dias MLBB?

To get free 5000 dias and free 10000 dias MLBB is same you just have to do some following task to get it.

  • Complete all daily tasks and goals. This will offer you a daily total of 100 diamonds.
  • Watch all the ads that you can. This will give you a daily total of 50 diamonds.
  • Participate in all events that offer free dias MLBB 2023. This is the most reliable method for getting free diamonds in MLBB.
  • Use all of the promotional codes you can find. There are many promo codes that provide free diamonds, so make sure to check them all.
  • Become a KOL streamer by streaming on MLBB. This is an excellent approach for finding a large number of free diamonds.
  • Invite your friends to play MLBB and you will receive referrals. This is yet another excellent method for earning free dias in MLBB.

Free Dias MLBB


It is important to understand that there are no sure methods to obtain free diamonds in MLBB. Some of the ways suggested above may not be available at all times, or they might require a significant amount of time and work on your part. However, if you are patient and persistent, you might be able to get some free diamonds by following these ways.

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