Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest genshin impact Guide and Tips!

Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact 4.0 is out. This new Fontaine chain quest also has many parts for all players too. You have to safeguard Melusina for this quest part too.

Reach adventure level 40+ in Genshin Impact to kickstart this new quest too. Brush of sea foam and carmin is the first part for this quest too. First part of ancient colors quest in Genshin Impact 4.0 patch update version is literally easier than expected too.

Dream and Ocher Gradient, Blue longing of the heart and moon are all the final part. There will also be several objectives for all these quests too.

Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest

Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest genshin impact Guide and Tips!

Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest

Your major tasks are to find and kill Rifthounds and Jacob. You can head to the designated locations by finding them on your maps too.

Also, use the prisms to resonate with the ores too.Players of Genshin Impact should also explore the unknown space area too. This will be tricky and you must all again defeat some creatures for this part too.

The illusion’s finishings are all about chasing the eremites too. Go to a very warm and then also teleport to the merusea village too. Here, again activate portals and mechanisms to complete this quest part.

Explore caves, tunnels and underground underwater locations too. Speak to cosanzeana finally and get to know more objectives for this quest.

Paimon will also help you for this quest. Complete all the remaining objectives and then you can complete the first part of ancient colors quest too.

The first part of ancient colors quest in Genshin Impact 4.0 will also grant you with so many rewards too.

Also, you must find Mamere and then open an exclusive exquisite treasure chest too. You can also use and obtain the red stone as rewards too.

Is Genshin Impact a Good Game?

Genshin Impact is an amazing anime adventure game that you can play on all devices except Xbox alone and this adventure is sure to take you all by surprise too. A wonderful adventure where you as traveler will travel beyond the world of Teyvat. Many locations and characters are available.

You need to travel and complete quests using weapons. Characters are from different elements like Anemo, electro, hydro, and Dendro vision too. Every playable character in Genshin Impact is beautiful too.

Genshin Impact for mobile will be amazing as you can simply swipe and tap to complete all challenges and quests too. Battles get you all new rewards and XP. Explore the simple fantasy locations too.

You can now complete the spring web event to get new rewards too. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more exclusive Genshin Impact leaks and updates too. Also complete other Genshin Impact challenges and events too.






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