BG3 Alchemy Guide – How It Works?

BG3 alchemy guide: It is agreed Everyone that a good RPG game has crafting, and Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘s developer also agrees with that. There are lots of lots crafting items in the game. But here we talk about only alchemy.

BG3 alchemy guide

BG3 Alchemy Guide- How Alchemy Works?

To use Alchemy player need to click H on the keyboard or lick Alchemy on the popup after going to the inventory. As long as you are not in the fight you can do this any time. Players have to click Extract All Ingredients to craft an item via BG3 alchemy after gather all the ingredients.

You can filter the list by clicking filter craftable items on the Alchemy tab. Some of the items need any kind of item but there are some that need rare ingredients.


BG3 alchemy guide

BG3 Alchemy Guide: All Recipes And Ingredients:-

There are lots of ingredients you found in the game, and some of them are coming from the books that players can find while traveling. But most of them are coming from extract and item. Ingredients are coming from fights and while traveling.

The ingredients are stored in the item pouch, Butt when you click extract all items game choose any character to gain all the items.

BG3 Alchemy Guide: All the recipes

Elixir: BG3 Alchemy Guide
Name Effect
Elixir Of The Colossus Drink effect increases your size. Weapons have an additional effect of 1d4 damage
Elixir Of Silvanus Cure  Poison of  Nettie’s
Elixir Of Arcane Cultivation Gain an additional Level 1 spell slot.
Greater Elixir Of Arcane Cultivation Etting potion Gain 2 additional Level 1 spell slots.
Elixir Of Barkskin Drink the  Elixir to increase your Armour Class to 16.
Elixir Of Peerless Focus Drink the  Elixir  Gain Advantage on Concentration saves.
Elixir Of Vigilance Drink the potion to gain a +5 bonus to Initiative.
Elixir Of Hill Giant Strength Drink the  Elixir  Increases Strength ability score to 21 for Long Rest
Elixir Of Bloodlust Drink the  Elixir  Gain Bloodlust, kill the enemy to gain +5 temporary hit points and an extra action.
Elixir Of Fire Resistance Drink the  Elixir  You gain Resistance to Fire damage
Elixir Of Poison Resistance Drink the  Elixir  Gain Poison damage Resistance until the next long rest.
Elixir Of Lightning Resistance Drink the  Elixir  Gain Acid damage Resistance until the next long rest.
Elixir Of Viciousness Drinking the  Elixir Increases your chance to land a Critical Hit.
Tadpole Elixir Drink the  Elixir  Gain Psionic Weakening and Psionic Enrichment.
Potion: BG3 Alchemy Guide
Name Effect
Potion Of Healing  Drink the potion Gain 2d4 + 2 HP.
Potion Of Greater Healing Drink the potion Recover 4d4 + 4 HP.
Potion Of Superior Healing Drink the potion Recover 8d4 + 8.
Antidote Drink the potion Neutralizes the effects of all poisons.
Potion Of Feather Fall Drink the potion Gain slow your rate of descent during falls and gain Immunity to Falling damage.
Potion Of Glorious Vaulting Drink the potion Gain to triple your Jump distance.
Potion Of Mind Reading Drink the potion Gain to probe into the minds of those around you.
Potion Of Speed Drink the potion Gain Haste for 3 turns.
Potion of Animal Speaking Drink the potion Gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts until the next long rest.


BG3 alchemy guide

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Grenades: BG3 Alchemy Guide
Name Effect
Alchemist’s Fire Drink the potion Deals 1d4 Damage Per Turn.
Fungal Bamboozler Drink the potion to Lob this vaporous decoction to Befuddle nearby foes.
Hearthlight Bomb Drink the potion to illuminate 9m radius.
Noxious Spore Grenade Drink the potion to explode into a virulent cloud that can inflect Noxious Fumes upon creatures within.
Web Grenade Drink the potion to explode into a tangly mess.

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