BG3 Teahouse Quest Marker Won’t Disappear!

There is a known issue in BG3 teahouse quest marker where the quest maker continues to display after you finished the quest. Multiple gamers have reported this bug, which Larian Studios is still looking into. The Teahouse quest marker in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a mission marker that appears on the player’s map after completing Mayrina’s Teahouse quest.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Teahouse quest marker is supposed to disappear after the quest ends, but it is still does not disappear for some players. So here in this article we will discuss on BG3 Teahouse quest marker do not disappear. What is the reason and how can we remove the quest maker after the quest completed.

BG3 teahouse quest marker

What is BG3 teahouse quest marker won’t disappear issue?

The Teahouse quest is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that may be started by talking with Mayrina in the Teahouse. The quest involves tracking down a hag who is said to be living in the teahouse. You has the option of siding with the hag or Mayrina.

If you chooses to side with the hag, then you must fulfill a parasite quest for her. This quest requires you to gather three parasites from the Underdark. Once the parasites have been collected, you can return them to the hag, who will reward them.

If you supports Mayrina, you have to kill the hag. This can be achieved by either directly fighting her or poisoning her tea. Mayrina will reward the player once you kill the hag.

The BG3 Teahouse quest sign is supposed to disappear after the task is done, regardless of which side you choices. It is currently bugged, however, and does not disappear for some people.

BG3 teahouse quest marker

What is reason behind the BG3 teahouse quest marker bug?

The reason why the Teahouse quest maker does not disappear after completing is unknown. However, it is most likely the result of a coding error in the game. The mission marking means to remove once the task is done, but it does not in some situations.

One probable cause for the bug is that the quest marker is not properly connected to quest completion. This could be the result of a coding error or a missing line of code. Another possibility is that the quest marker is activated by another event, like as entering the teahouse or speaking with Mayrina.

Whatever the cause of the bug, Larian Studios is looking for it and will solve it in a future release. Meanwhile, who are affected by the bug can use the solutions given in the below to remove the BG3 teahouse quest marker.

BG3 teahouse quest marker

How to Remove The BG3 teahouse quest marker after the quest?

There are few things you may try to remove the quest marker:

Reload a saved game from before you finished the task. Try completing the mission in another way. If you sided with the hag in the quest, for example, try siding with Mayrina instead.

Report the bug to Larian Studios so that it can be considered in a future release. If you don’t know how to report, Here are the steps for reporting the bug to Larian Studios:

  • Go to the Baldur’s Gate 3 help page.
  • Select the “Submit a request” option.
  • “Bug report” should be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Write your issue about the bug as possible.
  • Press the “Submit” button.

Larian Studios will check out your bug report and take the necessary action. Meanwhile, you can use the methods explained above to remove the BG3 teahouse quest marker.


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