Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3 Leaks – Best Guide, Tricks and Tips!

Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3 is out now. Locker Courtyard is the new campus and all players can enroll and join new classes too. More about the mission guide is here at our GA guide exclusively.

But many secrets and missions are also there in the campus 3 of Royale High. The campus 3 is all about unlocking new magical skills and completing the required portions too.

Campus 3 of Royale High is not that tougher too. You have to complete all those tasks and complete without struggling much too. Campus 3 of Royale High is much exclusively and relatively easier too.

Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3 Leaks – Best Guide, Tricks and Tips!

Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3

Phase 3 of Royale High also has many secret and hidden treasure chests locations too. You can get diamonds and exp as rewards for opening all the Royale High 3 Phase 3 Hidden treasure chests too.

Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3

For some treasure chests of Royale High Phase 3 ,you will require some codes too to get all those rewards like Paper Airplane Skill. Also, you must complete new quests and earn the elemental magic as well too.

Complete all Achievements and then you can also focus on the daily schedules and Tasks. The daily schedule tasks of Royale High will give you more rewards as well too.

Get to the new maps and explore all new exclusive treasure chests by interacting with them in the Royale High Campus 3 Phase 3 locations too.

About the Game

Royale High Campus 3 is the latest fantasy adventure game from Roblox. This game comes from the team of Night Barbie and @callmehbob too.

Here, you can find some colorful Barbie kind of characters and the stories will be in a magical school too.

Enchantraverse is the magical school where you also need to get your entrance too, so it’s better to complete the entrance exams and pass them as well.

You can awaken the magic within you and enchant other school students as well. Complete the Enrollment and join as a new student too.

The new sparkling castle campus has also opened the admissions for school students for the academic year 2023-2024 too. The game takes place between all three phases of Royale High locations too.

The game’s Phase 1-3 is exclusive to all which also includes the Main Campus, Enchantraverse, Front Office, and the newest location, Locker Courtyard too.

Phase 4, the Rainy Day Classroom, is only made live for beta users with other 500+ in the new exclusive servers too.

Students must just try to balance their studies and socializing too, and you can also make many best friends within these halls too. The game has also set many records on the Roblox platform and users just can’t wait for the full edition of the game too.

Overall, the Roblox Royale High Campus 3 is an amazing game too currently and you can all explore magical fantasy locations and get all the new magical powers too.


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