illari Overwatch 2 Ethnicity: Know the back story!

Andre Cisneros, a Peruvian pop musician, voices illari overwatch 2 ethnicity. Andre Cisneros was born in Lima, Peru, and matches the character’s ethnicity. While Illari’s ethnicity does not appear in the search results, there are hints to her being Peruvian.

Also, her weapon in the game is said to be similar to Incan swords, suggesting a connection to Peruvian culture. Based on the information given, Illari Overwatch 2 ethnicity can be identified to be Peruvian. And here in this article we will know more about it. So stay in this article.

illari overwatch 2 ethnicity

What role does Illari Overwatch 2 Ethnicity play?

Illari Overwatch 2 ethnicity is a new support hero. Her arrival has been accepted for bringing an aggressive style to the support role. Illari has three abilities: a primary fire that fires a beam that heals allies and affects opponents, a secondary fire that launches a projectile that deals damage and slows enemies, and a passive ability that improves her movement speed when she is not in combat.

Her ultimate ability is called “Incan Fury,” and it increases the damage and healing of her primary fire while allowing her and her allies faster movement speed. Overwatch 2 also unveiled Illari’s backstory and genesis tale.

She is a member of an Incan warrior force that has been fighting the Null Sector invasion. Andre Cisneros, a Peruvian pop performer, offers the voice for Illari Overwatch 2.

illari overwatch 2 ethnicity

What are Illari’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Illari Overwatch 2 support hero, has a unique collection of powers that make her an interesting part of her squad. Here are the skills of her:

Primary Fire Solar Rifle: Illari uses a strong laser weapon to inflict damage on opponents. This is a long-range beam assault that can be used to kill enemies.

Solar Rifle (Secondary Fire): Illari Overwatch 2 secondary fire fires a projectile from her rifle that causes damage and slows opponents. This allows her to exert pressure and exert control over the battlefield.

illari overwatch 2 ethnicity deploys a healing pylon, which produces a healing beam. This ability allows her to heal her friends, which is useful during battle.

Outburst is a mobility ability that Illari has. She may propel herself further in the direction she is travelling by using this talent, giving her more mobility and agility.

Captive Sun (Ultimate): Captive Sun is Illari’s ultimate ability. When triggered, it boosts the damage and healing of her primary fire and offers her and her allies greater movement speed. This ultimate power has the potential to alter the course of a battle and give her squad a major edge.

Illari is a versatile support hero with these abilities, capable of delivering damage, healing friends, and giving mobility on the battlefield. In Overwatch 2, her distinctive kit adds a fresh element to the support role.

illari overwatch 2 ethnicity


Overwatch 2 was launched for early access for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 4, 2022. The game’s full date of release has been scheduled for August 10, 2023, across all platforms.

The whole release will include the largest Overwatch 2 update ever, titled “Invasion,” which will deliver a huge variety of new content for players to explore and enjoy, such as a new PvP game mode, story missions, co-op events, and more. Overwatch 2 Season 6 is scheduled to be released on August 10, 2023.


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