The Controversy On Overwatch 2 Reaper: Is It Really Removed?

Overwatch 2 Reaper: Overwatch 2 is one of the year’s most anticipated video games. The next generation to the popular first-person shooter will have a new 5v5 team style, a shared progression system, and a new story mode.

However, one of the game’s playable characters, Reaper, has caused a lot of discussion. Someone said in a recent TikTok video that Reaper was being deleted from Overwatch 2. This video rapidly went viral, leaving many fans to question if it was true.

Overwatch 2 Reaper

However in this article we will disclose the fact about the Overwatch 2 Reaper removed controversy. We will see is reaper is really removed from Overwatch 2. Also all the latest updates related to this character, if you don’t have Overwatch 2 Reaper we will guide to get the character. So stay in this article and know all this thing, now without any further delay let’s start the article.

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Is Overwatch 2 Reaper Is Removed?

Overwatch 2 Reaper will not be removed from the game. A viral TikTok video stated that Reaper was being deleted from Overwatch 2, but this was a prank. The video was made by Knockknockow, a person known for making satirical Overwatch content.

Blizzard hasn’t spoken about any plans to remove Reaper from Overwatch 2. Reaper was, in fact, one of the heroes featured in the Overwatch 2 beta test earlier this year. He is still a powerful damage dealer in Overwatch 2, and he is expected to remain a player favorite.

So, if you like Reaper, don’t worry about him being removed from Overwatch 2. He will still be a playable hero in the afterwards.

Overwatch 2 Reaper

What is Overwatch 2 Reaper?

Overwatch 2 Reaper is a playable character. He is a close-range DPS hero said for his ability to teleport and do high damage. Because of his dark and mysterious history, he is also a popular character among fans. If you don’t have the Reaper Overwatch 2 yoy can get it. In the next paragraph we explained how you can get Reaper.

Overwatch 2 Reaper

How to Get Overwatch 2 Reaper?

We can get Overwatch 2 Reaper by two ways either by Default Unlock or by playing original overwatch. If you don’t know here the the information do read and understand:

Default Unlock: Overwatch 2 Reaper is one of the default heroes available to new players without the need to complete any goal or challenges. Simply start the game and finish the training, and Reaper will be unlocked and ready to select in quick matches.

Played the original Overwatch: If you played the original Overwatch, you can unlock Reaper right away in Overwatch 2.


The controversy related to Overwatch 2 Reaper removed was a prank. In the next chapter, Reaper Overwatch 2 is still a playable character, and he is likely to remain a popular choice for players. If you like Reaper, you can be sure he’ll be in Overwatch 2 when it comes out later this year.

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