How to Kill Scum Mr. Brenner & Get a Blood Sample?

Scum Mr. Brenner is a new opponent added to release 0.9. He is an experimental monster that has been added with Phoenix tears and other unknown ingredients. Making him very powerful which wields a flamethrower.

So here in this article will going to discuss all about the Mr. Brenner in Scum, What is it. Where to find it and how to kill Mr. Brenner and take blood from it. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Scum Mr. Brenner

Where to find Scum Mr. Brenner in Update 0.9?

Scum Mr. Brenner can be found in the island’s abandoned bunker. The bunker is located in the map’s northern corner and is highly guarded. To reach Mr. Brenner in Scum 0.9, you has to move through the bunker’s several levels, fighting off groups of opponents along the way.

Mr. Brenner will be waiting for you after you reach level -2 of the bunker. He is a massive large beast with staring red eyes. He’ll attack you right away with his flamethrower, so you’ll have to be quick and agile in order to survive.

If you defeat Mr. Brenner, you will get a number of valuable things, including Phoenix tears, a flamethrower, and a unique skin. It is crucial to note, however, that Mr. Brenner is a very difficult enemy to defeat, and it is not suggested for beginners to the q1game.

Important Topics:-

How to kill Mr. Brenner in Scum 0.9?

Mr. Brenner is a difficult enemy to defeat in Scum 0.9, but with the great skills, it is possible. If you want to kill here it the step by step instructions:

Scum Mr. Brenner

  • Scum Mr. Brenner can be found in the abandoned bunker in the map’s northwest corner.
  • Take cover behind objects as you make your way to the bunker to avoid Mr. Brenner’s flamethrower.
  • When you get in the bunker, look for an area with a lot of cover, such as a hallway or a room with many doorways.
  • Bring Mr. Brenner into the room and cover behind an object.
  • Attack Mr. Brenner in Scum 0.9 from a distance with ranged weapons.
  • If Mr. Brenner gets too close, attack him using melee weapons.
  • Take your time and be patient. Mr. Brenner in Scum 0.9 is a difficult enemy to defeat.

How to get blood sample Scum Mr. Brenner in update 0.9?

If you want to get a blood sample of Mr. Brenner in Scum 0.9, here are the step by step instructions to get it.

  • Mr. Brenner is found in the abandoned bunker in the map’s northwest corner.
  • Defeat Mr. Brenner, if necessary using cover, ranged weapons, and friends.
  • Using a syringe or blood bag, take a blood sample from Mr. Brenner’s body.
  • Take the blood sample to the research facility in the map’s southeast corner.

Scum Mr. Brenner


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