Nero Fest Challenge Quests Full Guide 2023

So hello guys in this article we are going to tell you and give you proper detailed information about nero fest challenge quests. We will tell you all the Nero Fest challenge quests and the strategies to finish them easily.

We will try to cover all the ways of ACT 1 the nero fest challenge quests and with full detailed information. To know all the details and information about nero fest quests please read the article till the end to get the benefits of it.

The first act of nero fest challenge quests is the Revival 2018 act with the 12 labours in which the Heracles which consists of 12 labours which are:-

  • Heracles battle will start and will inflict the arts down debuff to the specifically frontline team in nero fest challenge quests.
  • All the Heracles will perform only and only two actions which are attacks skills noble and phantasm in each turn in nero fest challenge quests.
  • Heracles will inflict 5000 or 6000 for each powerful attack in the game without any defence or protection and damage reductions in Nero Fest quests.
  • Heracles will have a 5 on np charge meter in nero fest challenge quests.
  • All the Heracles can resist and can buff their attacks and debuff in nero fest challenge quests.

Nero Fest Challenge Quests

The strategy of The first act of nero fest challenge quests is Revival 2018 act

  • Now you get to face all the Heracles in all their glory and might that be how anyone can put the OP’s actual servant capabilities in the game The first act of nero fest quests.
  • Try to get through all the important stages which are receiving you a little damage in Nero challenge survival and build your phantasm as soon as possible in noble nero fest challenge.
  • Try to get build up your NP as soon as possible in Nero Fest quests to use the facilities like Arash to wipe out the other upcoming waves in the game.
  • If all the ideas fail you can use at the end your friend’s support in the nero fest challenge quests such as Sathach which can handle the Herc.

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How to Deal with Heracles in Nero Fest Challenge Quests?

Nero Fest Challenge Quest

So we will tell you many detailed ways that how you can deal with all the Heracles in nero fest challenge quests so read further ahead to get the detailed steps of dealing with the Heracles.

  • Use stuns or charms as they are your best friend in the game and especially on the 5th turn when their Np is ready to fire off in the game you should try to save them as soon as possible in Nero Fest challenge quests.
  • Make sure that you equip the best playable things of your choice and which you feel comfortable in with the damage dealers against Heracles with MLB 2 and God’s legs 3 for getting the 200 per cent of damage buffs.
  • On your first turn use your NP to wipe out the toughest situation with full HP which will protect you further ahead in dealing with Heracles. Now you need to wipe the Heracles off 121.000 HP when revive is given each time.
  • Heracles will move twice within each turn and you should try to prevent them from using their evade skills or have many ways of bypassing them or removing them out in Nero Fest challenge quests.
  • As you beat him down you can have ways of boosting your team’s survival and can increase your defence power with defence boots like servants and mash team-wide evade buff in Nero fest quests.

So these were the best ways of dealing with the Heracles Act 1 in Nero Fest challenge quests which will help you out in many ways The first act of nero fest challenge is the revival 2018 act.

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