Why Players Want Apex Legends Account Merge in 2023?

Apex Legends Account Merge is a long time debate for ages. Now there might be a chance to get this cross-progression mode turn on. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Apex Legends Account Merge. It is one of the most required features for the gaming community as well.

Apex Legend is a battle royale game which is developed by respond entertainment and published by electronic arts. The game is available on various platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation etc. They have over 100 million players worldwide who play the game.

Apex Legends Account Merge

Apex Legends Account Merge: Coming Soon?

Apex Legend players always wanted the feature called Apex Legends Account Merge. It will allow the player to combine their progress on an item from multiple accounts to a single account. Like you can use your PC account progress to switch your Playstation account or vice versa. In 2021 they also announced on Reddit that “merging existing accounts was a part of epics legends cross progression plans.”

After that, no updates have been found regarding these. In recent times it was revealed that Apex Legend will enable this Apex Legends Account Merge in the upcoming season 18. But the disappointing news is that it will not include cross progression update.

Apex Legends Account Merge

To fulfill this merging progress some difficulties make this feature hold back. One of them is Respawn need all the data from various platform to make the merging happen. Also, players who have spent money in their accounts will be not fair to other players.

Some benefits of account merging in Apex Legends:

1. Players can access their progress and items from a single account rather than a multiple account.
2. Players can switch between the platform without losing their in-game data or in-game progress.
3. All the player has a unique Identity in the Apex Legend server.

Apex Legends Account Merge

Who had all this account merging problem has its benefits and its complexities to implement in the game. However other games like Fortnite and Call of duty war zone as already implemented it so we can expect the developers of the apex legend games to implement it in their games also.

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Will Apex Legend bring Apex Legends Account Merge?

It is surely a challenging thing to bring this game. But the developers considered this to bring in the game so there is a hope of light.
Surely this is a challenging thing but it will add more value to the players who used different platforms but facing the multiple account issue.

What can we do as players before the update?

Waiting for the feature to be live we can do something to take benefit from this feature. You should connect all your accounts with EA accounts. So that you can keep track of all your progress and data.
If the data merging happens then you can use it seamlessly by keeping an eye on your accounts.

Conclusion of Apex Legends Account Merge:

Apex Legends Account Merge is always a hyped thing from 2021 because it will help most of the player’s data safe & easily accessible. Everyone can enjoy the game without losing the data on different platforms. However, it seems developers considered this to implement it but when will it happen is still unknown. It happens we will cover this in our future updated news articles. Follow us for more amazing updates & news.


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