Apex Legends Car Glitch: How to Take Benefit of it 2023

Apex Legends Car Glitch is nowadays a common bug that ruins the game. Apex Legends Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has been plagued by a number of glitches and bugs since its release. One of the most recent glitches to make the rounds is the “car glitch.” This glitch allows players to become invincible while riding in a Trident, a vehicle that was added to the game in Season 7.

To do the Apex Legends car glitch, players need to be in a Trident and have a Wattson on their team. The Wattson player needs to place their ultimate ability, the Pylon, near the Trident. Then, the player in the Trident needs to jump out and immediately get back in. If done correctly, the player will become invincible while riding in the Trident.

Apex Legends car glitch

Apex Legends Car Glitch: How to Do It and How to Avoid It

The automobile glitch is a significant vulnerability that offers gamers an unfair edge. They become harder to target and are able to withstand blows that would ordinarily kill them. Other players’ enjoyment may be ruined, and the glitching players may gain an unfair advantage in ranked competition.

A few methods exist to prevent the automobile glitch. Simply avoiding Tridents is one approach. Another method is to be conscious of the bug and watch out for players who are utilising it. You can notify Respawn Entertainment if you witness a player employing the car glitch.

What Can We Do About the Apex Legends car glitch?

Respawn Entertainment has been aware of the car glitch for some time, and they are working on a fix. In the meantime, they have disabled Tridents in ranked matches. Though it is a short-term fix, it will prevent players to misuse the bug for their own advantage.

The developers of Respawn Entertainment already are on the way to fixing the issue. However, we cannot commit to the exact date when it will be getting fixed or when the update is coming for the game. But you should always report any players you notice leveraging the bug of Apex Legends car glitch to Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends car glitch

Here are some additional details about the car glitch:

  • The car glitch only works with Tridents that are parked. If the Trident is moving, the glitch will not work.
  • The glitch only works for players who are in the driver’s seat of the Trident. Passengers will not become invincible.
  • The glitch can be fixed by simply getting out of the Trident and getting back in.

The following advice can help you prevent the Apex Legends car glitch:

  • Be aware of the glitch and be on the lookout for players who are using it. Report them as soon as possible in the gameplay.
  • Avoid Tridents altogether in the gameplay, if possible.
  • Report any players you notice leveraging the bug to Respawn Entertainment. This will help developers to keep track of the misuse of this glitch.

Sometimes some players use those bugs & glitches for their profit & make the gameplay unfair for other people. Which is very frustrating we all know that. Hope developers will fix these problems as soon as possible.

Report any players you notice leveraging the bug of Apex Legends car glitch to Respawn Entertainment. That’s all about the Apex Legends car glitch problems in this article. Follow us for more Apex Legends-related news & updates.

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