Golden Trophy Rocket League: A New Rare Crate!

If you’re looking to get a few novel items for the car, the Golden Trophy Rocket League crate is an excellent option. The developer, Psyonix, recently introduced a new Golden Trophy 23 Rocket League. This crate features new elements such as wheels, decals, goal explosions, and more. The crate can be opened with keys or Blueprints and is tradable.

Golden Trophy Rocket League

Because this Golden Trophy 23 is a rare crate, the chances to get a Black Market item from it are slim. The box carries some high-value items, such as the “Gold Rush” goal explosion and the “Golden Nugget” wheels. A Rocket League Golden Trophy 23 crate currently costs between 100 and 200 Credits on PC.

The value of the objects in the crate changes according to their rarity and desirability. It’s important to remember, though, that the chances of getting a high-value item are low. Therefore we will discuss what is the easiest way to get this Golden Trophy Rocket League and enjoy the unique items present in it. So without any further delay let’s start the article and know the things in detail.

Golden Trophy Rocket League

Items Included in Golden Trophy Rocket League:-

The following are some of the items offered in the Golden Trophy 23 crate:


  • Golden Nugget
  •  Gold Rush
  •  Solar Flare
  •    Pulsus


  •   Gold Rush
  •     Solar Flare
  •     Pulsus
  •      Breakout: Lycan

Goal Explosions:

  •     Gold Rush
  •     Solar Flare
  •     Pulsus
  •     Party Time


  •     Gold Rush
  •     Solar Flare
  •     Pulsus
  •     Candy Cane

Golden Trophy Rocket League

The Golden Trophy Rocket League crate is a great way to get new things for your vehicle. It’s important to realize, though, that the chances of acquiring a high-value item are low. If you’re looking for a specific item, trading for it may be a better option than opening crates.

Important Topics:-

How to get Golden Trophy 23 Rocket League?

In Rocket League, there are two methods for the Golden Trophy 23:

1. Purchase from item shop:

The Item Shop sells Golden Trophy ’23 crates for 100 Credits apiece. You can unlock a crate using a key or a Blueprint once you’ve received it. Because the things in the crate are chosen at random, there is no assurance that you will receive a Golden Trophy ’23.

2. Complete the Champions Road challenges:

The Champions Road event has five challenges that award you with a Golden Trophy ’23. These are the challenges:

  1. In Competitive Playlists, you must win 10 matches.
  2. In Competitive Playlists, score 50 goals.
  3. In Competitive Playlists, assist 25 goals.
  4. In Competitive Playlists, defeat 10 opponents.
  5. Win a Knockout Tournament match.

After completing all five challenges, you will be rewarded the Golden Trophy 23.

Golden Trophy Rocket League


In the end, there are two methods for getting Golden Trophy in Rocket League, either through opening Golden Trophy crates or by successfully completing the Champions Road missions. Your own opinions and play style will determine the ideal route for you to win the Golden Trophy Rocket League.

You can try your luck by opening Golden Trophy 23 crates if you’re ready to part with some Credits. You can successfully finish the Champions Road challenges and get a Rocket League Golden Trophy for free if you have patient and enjoy playing the game.

Getting Golden Trophy Rocket League is an excellent way to upgrade your Rocket League vehicle, regardless of the route you take. The Golden Trophy crate contains only extremely precious and rare things.


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