Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes Latest 2023

Psyonix has delivered another update for Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes, and fans can peruse the fix notes to get a feeling of what’s going on. The current update is not huge, but what it provides, such as an in-game event highlighting the new Redline Car Body, will satisfy gamers. Furthermore, it includes various bug fixes that improve playability. 

Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes Latest 2023

Continue reading for the Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes. Psyonix has delivered Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes, which remembers new content for the type of the “Drive Days” occasion. The Rocket League April 25 patch notes cover everything new in the event and more. 

New Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes

Rocket League’s tenth season since the game’s free-to-play launch will begin on March 8. In this post, we’ll show you the precise moment when the material will be available in your location. Every few months, a new Rocket League season is released, bringing with it new goodies, venues, and battle vehicles. To get straight into the new material as soon as it’s available, you’ll need to know when Psyonix normally releases their updates. 

  • The Matchmaking screen presently has a Thing Shop button.
  • Depending on the parental control settings for an account, some UI buttons may now look greyed out and unavailable.
  • At the point when you complete a Test for 20k XP, a new “1LVL” seal might show rather than a XP identification.

This is where we step in. You should be aware that a new season is accompanied by a larger patch containing the new upgrade. The new Rocket League season will start on Walk 8, 2023, as initially guaranteed. If Psyonix sticks to their prior release schedule, the update should be available at this moment. 

Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes Latest 2023

Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes

As always, the update should be available at the same time for everyone, regardless of platform or area. When your download is done, you might begin watching the program immediately! You should absolutely strive to complete your current Rocket Pass and earn your end-of-season prizes before the tenth season of Rocket League opens. Soon, you’ll have to restart with whole fresh things and awards.

  • Map impact on ‘Deadeye Gully (Desert spring)’ has been reconsidered to align ball conduct in corners and on walls with the other fields.
  • Fixed a problem that caused all new item notifications to be blank.
  • When no Decal is equipped, a glitch prevents trim from showing correctly on Painted Masamune Car Bodies.
  • Fixed an error with Steam Overlay and the capacity to purchase Credits in-game.
  • Fixed an issue with Average Wait Time while queueing for 3v3 matches after opening the game client for the first time.
  • On the Volkswagen Golf II GTI, a visual issue with the Huntress Decal was fixed.

Rocket League Update: Release Thread Instructions

Assuming that you’ve gotten the update however are as yet unfit to join a multiplayer line, it’s conceivable that the Rocket League update servers are inaccessible. This is generally the situation after a large update or when a large number of players wish to join the game at the same time. Just sit back, relax, and think about all the fun you’ll have in real life.

If the update is not yet ready for download, please restart EGS, Steam, or your console. It might take several minutes for it to materialize. Our most recent Rocket League 2.31 Patch Notes is now available. This thread is an attempt to collect all fresh bug reports in one location.

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