Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct Game Pass – All Updates!#2

Atomic Heart annihilation instinct game pass : A new DLC for all atomic Heart players are out now.  Atomic Heart annihilation instinct dlc is here at our GA guide now.

Everyone knows Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter game. Right now a new content has also been released as well. This extra content also requires you to own the original Atomic Heart edition too.

Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct DLC pack edition is available for $9.99 and this is also available on premium and gold editions too. Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct version is only available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct Game Pass – All Updates!#2 

Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct Game Pass

Purchase the game and the story begins in Mendeleev Complex and you must all unravel truth about NORA as P-3 is now trapped to the Facility 3826. Mendeleev Complex is full of dangerous foes. Use all new weapons and the latest astounding Technostasis ability for your glove to annihilate enemies.

Atomic Heart annihilation instinct game pass


Explore all swamps and the twisted dystopian world. Complete all objectives and keep progressing in the game too. Use all weapons and overcome your foes to tackle enemies in th game too.


Defeat all shape-shifting enemies and overcome boss battles. There’s a new ranged weapon called Secateur, with 2 firing modes and again the new melee weapon Klusha , is also available too.

The technostasis ability helps you all to complete boss battles with ease and you can all earn new exclusive rewards too. That’s how the Atomic Heart new DLC version works well too.


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How to Play Atomic Heart?  

Atomic Heart is an fps action RPG from the developers Mundfish and the game will be out soon for PC, XBOX, and Playstation consoles too. Many new weapons are getting added to the Atomic Heart game through all new patch update versions.

The new enemies which spawn in Atomic Heart are based on mechanical, airborne, biological, and biomechanical too in the game. You can then also upgrade the weapons of Atomic Heart with a new mechanic named cassettes too.

Overall it will be an intriguing action and fun first-person shooter game right now with some technically brilliant features and new content for all new players too.

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