All Alchemy Commission Honkai Star Rail Treasure Chest Locations #2023! 

Alchemy Commission Honkai Star Rail allows you all to find all new treasure chests in the game. Everyone knows that Alchemy commision is an important commission of the Xianzhou Luofu world areas.

In this Alchemy commision area, Honkai Star Rail players can collect chest rewards. The hidden treasure chests are always scattered everywhere too.

The recent Honkai Star Rail 1.2 patch update version has launched this Alchemy commision map and players of Honkai Star Rail have a great chance to explore and unlock new several rewards too.

Alchemy Commission Honkai Star Rail

All Alchemy Commission Honkai Star Rail Treasure Chest Locations #2023! 

As of now, players of Honkai Star Rail can explore the Alchemy commision map locations and find around 25 chests at maximum.

The best Alchemy commision hidden treasure chest locations of Honkai Star Rail are the first and second floor. Both first and second floor of Alchemy Commission hold more than 20 chests.

The alchemy commission map treasure chests include basic, precious, and bountiful too. All these are the best treasure chests currently too.

Once you enter the alchemy commission map, you can find all the treasure chest locations of this area easily too. The first and second floor levels of Alchemy commision world is also very closer too. Teleport to the world and unlock the chests that include some extraordinary rewards of Honkai Star Rail.

Medicine Bureau space anchor, relic domain, cafe room, Stagnant Shadow space anchor, Elixir Research Terrace space, Aureate Elixir Furnace space anchor, and other boss challenges and puzzle quests in Alchemy commision map are the best locations to find chests too.

Alchemy Commission Honkai Star Rail


That’s all about the alchemy commission Honkai Star Rail Treasure chest locations and map guide at our GA guide. As all Alchemy commision map world chests locations in Honkai Star Rail are mentioned here at our GA guide.

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Honkai Star Rail is the latest 3d adventure RPG from the HoYoverse developers. You can play it on phone, PC, and PlayStation sooner. An amazing 3D adventure game from the same makers of Genshin Impact is now released.

Honkai Star Rail is much similar to the Genshin Impact game. Here, you can roam across all planets, worlds, and simulated universes too.

There are plenty of units and boss battles too. Honkai Star Rail allows us to play as any units. You can all then use the stellar jade to get all exclusive rewards too.

There are main Trailblazer Honkai Star Rail missions too. Finish them and earn all exclusive resources too. Share your comments in the comment box below.

All units have to explore the simulated universes and complete missions too. Every unit has access to light cones and skills too. You can also play as units from various paths and elements too.

Honkai Star Rail has many similar features to that of Genshin Impact. Both are also good and have plenty.

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