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The Rise of Crash: How Influencers on Twitch and Kick.com Contributed to its Popularity

The meteoric rise of the popular casino game genre of crash games is remarkable. In just a few years, they have emerged and become one of the most popular online casino game genres. But what precisely contributed to their popularity? While many elements can be attributed to this, it’s safe to say that influencers on Twitch and Kick.com played an important role in popularizing it.

Their support and engagement with crash games allowed the spread of awareness about them among broader audiences. These influencers have also provided feedback, which has allowed the developers of crash games to improve them and tailor their gameplay towards specific demographics, which undoubtedly helped them to gain even more traction over time. Here are some of the best crypto crash game sites according to CryptoGamble, that you can participate in if you are curious about this phenomenon.

The reach of influencers on Twitch vs Kick

Twitch and Kick are two of the most popular platforms for video game and streaming-based influencers, being the top two streaming platforms at the time of writing. They both have their own unique advantages when it comes to reaching an audience and they also share many advantages that influencers would look on favorably.

Both platforms allow influencers to reach a large, engaged audience through streaming video games and other content. They also allow for interactive engagement with viewers and the ability to monetize streams through donations and subscriptions.

Twitch is very established as the dominant streaming platform, with many more viewers and influencers using the platform than Kick. The sheer size of the Twitch community can lend extra weight to influencers that use the platform.

Kick has less stringent rules about things like gambling than Twitch does, which could lead some influencers and audiences to choose that platform over their more well-established competitor.

Aviator game: A new crash sensation

One of the newest crash game sensations is the Aviator game. In this casino game, you input your stake and then watch a plane take off and soar into the sky, your stake multiplier increasing as the plane’s height does. The idea is to cash out when the multiplier is high, but before the plane leaves the screen altogether. If you fail to cash out before the plane leaves, you lose your stake, the ‘crash’ so to speak.

This game is a favorite of some gambling streamers, like TheRoyalGambler, so if you are extra curious about the game you should think about checking out one of their streams to see how it is played live.

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