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How To Get Arcane Lineage Martial Artist? Full Guide!

The Arcane Lineage Martial Artist is a powerful and skillful class in the fascinating game world. This class excels in close combat, defeating their opponents with punches, kicks, and fist weapons. If you want to become a Arcane Lineage Martial Artist in the game, this article will show you where to look for them. And here in this article we will get the guide of how to get the class, also give you an overview of their particular abilities.

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist

What is Arcane Lineage Martial Artist?

The Arcane Lineage Martial Artist is a base class in the game that specializes in hand-to-hand combat with fists and fist weapons. They are experienced fighters who can inflict deadly punches and kicks on their opponents. The class provides two separate paths for players to take. The Orderly path, represented by the Monk class, combines powerful assaults with healing skills, and the Chaotic path, represented by the Dark Wraith class.

The Martial Artist class has a passive ability known as “Fighting Prowess,” which increases the damage inflicted by punches and kicks. This means they can hit harder and deliver more damage to their opponents while using their fists or fist weapons.

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist

Where to find Arcane Lineage Martial Artist?

Follow these simple procedures to locate Martial Artist Arcane Lineage master.

  • Go to the mountains and look for a character wearing a bandana and punching a massive rock.
  • Interact with Doran, the master, who is located at the top of the stone steps.
  • Speak with the trainer to level up the Martial Artist class and unlock new powers and upgrade existing ones.

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist

How Do You Get Arcane Lineage Martial Artist?

Getting the Arcane Lineage Martial Artist class is a simple matter, follow all of these steps:

  1. Begin in the town center, facing the town gate.
  2. Leave town and take the first left.
  3. Continue your journey into the wilderness.
  4. Climb to the top of the stone area using stone steps.
  5. Interact with Doran, the Arcane Lineage Martial Artist NPC master, and he will teach you the Martial Artist class’s talents.

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist Abilities:-

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist class has the following strong skills:

Passive Abilities:

  • Fighting Prowess: With the Caestus and other fist-based weapons, you deliver more damage, making your punches and kicks even more potent.
  • Iron Body: Improves your defense strength by improving your capacity to deflect blows.

Active Abilities:

  • Barrage: In a single swift motion, three attacks are launched in a row to overwhelm your opponent.
  • Endure: For three turns, increases your protection, making you more resistant to violent assaults.

Arcane Lineage Martial Artist


The Martial Artist class in Arcane Lineage is a strong force that excels in close-quarters battle. The Martial Artist class provides an exciting gameplay experience, whether you pick the disciplined path of the Monk or the chaotic path of the Dark Wraith. You may simply find and get the Arcane Lineage Martial Artist class in the game by following the steps provided. So, hold your grips, unleash powerful punches and kicks, and rule the battlefield as an Arcane Lineage Martial Artist.

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