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Arcane Lineage Alchemist NPC Class 2023 – Best Guide and Tips! 

Arcane Lineage alchemist is an NPC and subclass. Alchemist class can only be unlocked after several procedures too.

Alchemist is a magician of the game. You can do magic wonders with alchemist in your side too. Alchemist NPC will help you all to unleash some special skills of the game too.

Alchemist NPCs are found across all islands of Arcane Lineage game’s map. But you guys must explore the lands to find an alchemist sub class and also NPC easily too.

Arcane Lineage Alchemist NPC Class 2023 – Best Guide and Tips! 

Arcane Lineage alchemist

Crossing, Westwood Heart, Castle, Main City Castle’s entrance gate, Tundra, and Bridge are the best locations to find 5he Alchemist NPC in Roblox Arcane Lineage game exclusively and also currently too.

Arcane Lineage alchemist

Currently the alchemist NPC will grant you some skins, special skills, healing effects, and also an invisibility effects of Arcane Lineage game too right now.

With all these, you can complete all side and sub quests of the Arcane Lineage game of Roblox too.

Also, you must all meet alchemist NPC subclass heroes in all locations of Roblox Arcane Lineage to interact and then have them in your team too. They grant some stupendous powers and skills too.


That’s all about the Roblox Arcane Lineage Alchemist NPC locations guide here at our GA end. All alchemist sub-class heroes locations guide are here at our Gaming Acharya end too.

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Roblox Arcane Lineage from the developers of Arcane Lineage is a party based combat game. In this amazing game, you play with all your Roblox friends too.

You can travel across all lands, islands, and more locations on the map to get free Arcane Lineage rewards too. All Crylight locations for Arcane Lineage are also listed here at our ga end too.

Arcane Lineage is also having more classes and races. Use them with weapons and swords of Arcane Lineage to get some amazing rewards too.

Teleport to the other worlds of Arcane Lineage and get mesmerized by all new battles. You will unlock new swords and skills.Arcane Lineage includes many abilities for starters. The skills will be majestic too.

You can play this beautiful Arcane Lineage battle game for completely free on the Roblox platform or the app too. Roblox is always an exciting gaming platform too. There are many similar fighting games like Arcane Lineage and they are all exclusively available for free too.

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How to Play Roblox Arcane Lineage? 

  • You can all simply download the Roblox app or website, then look for the game from the search box and start playing it for free and without completing any registration as well too

Is Arcane Lineage Free? 

  • Yes it’s available absolutely for free and you can play it on mobile Roblox platform app too

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