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Oxenfree 2 Hank Side Quest: How To Get The Shoes And Complete The Quest?

Oxenfree 2 Hank needs your help in investigating a ghost miner who haunts Garland Ghost Town. You can win the rewards by delivering a shoe and finishing this task. This is ia the most interesting Oxenfree 2 hank quest and I am sure that you all will like it

Here in this article will walk you through the easy steps to complete Oxenfree 2 Hank side quest and get the award. We will also see about the Oxenfree 2 Hank side quest in detail first and also find the location where to we will get the Oxenfree 2 hank shoes. So without any further delay let’s start the article and see what we can do to complete the task.

Oxenfree 2 hank

What Is The Objective Of Oxenfree 2 Hank Side Quest?

Oxenfree 2 Hank is a character in the game and in this side quest you have to help him to complete it. And he has handed over you his own unique assignment. You must bring a shoe to Hank in order to assist him. Hank may be found at a place named Garland Ghost Town. To connect with Oxenfree 2 Hank, you have to use a radio and a booster.

Also Hank is inside the Garland Ghost Town Post Office. First, find a shoe and place it in the Garland Ghost Town post office box. After that, Hank will call you and the side quest will be completed; don’t forget to find a shoe and place it in the post office box for him.

Oxenfree 2 hank

How To Complete Hank side quest in Oxenfree?

To complete the Hank quest in Oxenfree 2, you must do the following:

Oxenfree 2 hank

  • Go to Horseshoe Beach and look for a cave that was once blocked by a large boulder.
  • Continue exploring the cave until you find the shoe.
  • Go to Garland Ghost Town and look for Hank inside the Post Office.
  • Talk to Hank with the radio and booster.
  • Hank will ask for your assistance in researching a ghost miner who has been causing problems in town.
  • Look for a shoe and place it in the Garland Ghost Town post office box.
  • Hank will call you back once you’ve placed the shoe in the box, indicating that you’ve accomplished the side quest.
  • You will get the “I’ve Had Weirder Jobs” achievement by assisting Hank.

If you follow these steps and you will be able to complete the Hank quest in Oxenfree 2 and earn the award. So, give it a shot when you’re playing the game.

Oxenfree 2 hank


Hank quest in Oxenfree 2 is an exciting journey in which you help him in investigating a ghost miner. You complete the Oxenfree 2 hank quest and get the Weirder Jobs award by bringing a shoe to the post office box in Garland Ghost Town and communicating with Hank through radio. In the interesting world of Oxenfree 2, experience the thrill of solving mysteries or assisting others.

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