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Neobeasts Event MLBB – MLBB x Neobeasts Crossover Event! #2

Neobeasts event MLBB – Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a new exclusive collaboration with the team of Neobeasts. Here’s more on MLBB x Neobeasts.

Neobeasts is a popular power ranger series. Now you can all unlock free Neobeasts skins and items in the MLBB game’s item shop too. Plenty of content are added through this new Neobeasts event MLBB currently too. Neobeasts x MLBB collab is a sureshot hit as all the Power rangers fans will be excited too.

There are many permanent Neobeasts skins and items for this exclusive MLBB event. More about Neobeasts x MLBB event are here at our Gaming Acharya end.

Neobeasts Event MLBB – MLBB x Neobeasts Crossover Event!#2

You can get daily rewards and trial items through this new Mobile Legends x Neobeasts collab. Exchange ticket is also available that you can use for acquiring many new skins and cosmetics items too.

You have to take part in all the new MLBB x Neobeasts collab event challenges and win some rewards as well. Many items are available for grab too. You can take part now and use the best heroes of MLBB to complete some battles.

All rewards for the new Neobeasts event in MLBB are exchange notice, currency, crystals, diamonds, and, more. You can also get Neobeasts based exclusive ML items that can be found here below.

Return of Hope, Strike of Hope, Rebirth of Hope, Genius, Shadow Killing Notification, and more too. These can be equipped once you are done with the events of this Neobeasts collaboration on the game too.

Neobeasts Event MLBB

The other exclusive Neobeasts items and skins like Neo Crests and Light of the Aspirants are also available too. You can get everything using spins and diamonds of MLBB.

The Neobeasts MLBB event will be live for a couple of days more as well. Unlock new special rewards and cosmetics through this exclusive and amazing MLBB x Neobeasts collaboration events in July 2023 here.


That’s all about the MLBB Neobeasts event guide and tips here at our Ga end. Lucky draw using spins are available for the event too.

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Neobeasts Event MLBB

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