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Farlight 84 Content Creator: Full Guide To Complete The Challenge!

Good news for Farlight 84 content creator as the game is hosting a content creation challenge with a total prize money of $10,000. To participate in this Farlight 84 content creation challenge, simply upload videos or live streams connected to Farlight 84 on sites such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

Simply use the hashtag #farlight84challenge while sharing your content. They only recently announced this challenge on YouTube. But wait, there’s more, Farlight 84 content creator also features a program in which you can participate and gain even more opportunities.

Farlight 84 content creator

They even have a program called the Creator Zone where you can earn special rewards in-game simply by posting things about it. So, if you enjoy making videos or live streaming and are a fan of the game. Then Farlight 84 content creation challenge is best for you.

So to get started stay in this article we will guide you how to complete the Farlight 84 content creation challenge and what are the rules and regulations to complete it. So without any further delay let’s start the article.

Farlight 84 content creator

Submission Rules In Farlight 84 Content Creation Challenge :-

  1. Farlight 84 Content Creator are invited to display out their creativity through videos and live streaming.
  2. When sharing your content, use the hashtag #farlight84challenge.
  3. On our website, you can submit your films or live stream URLs.
  4. Each Farlight 84 content creator is allowed to submit up to five links.
  5. Increasing Your Odds of Winning: – The more views, likes, and comments your videos acquire, the better your chances of winning this Farlight 84 content creation challenge.
  6. Platform Restrictions: Participate in the event on only one platform (e.g., YouTube or Twitch).
  7. Originality and Fairness: It is definitely illegal to steal or copy the content of others.
  8. Each video must be your unique creation and can only be submitted once.
  9. Violations will result in immediate disqualification.
  10. Cheating and Submitting Useless stuff: Neither cheating nor submitting irrelevant stuff is permitted.
  11. Such behavior may result in a ban from future events.
  12. Abusive Behavior: If you are accused of taking unfair advantage or engaging in abusive behavior, you will be disqualified.
  13. Abusive behavior includes the use of illegal techniques to artificially increase views and likes.
  14. Prize Eligibility: The Farlight 84 team will be the sole judge of prize eligibility in this Farlight 84 content creator event.

Farlight 84 content creator

Farlight 84 Content Creation Challenge: Reward Rules :-

As an Farlight 84 content creator event participant, you can receive two sorts of awards: cumulative rewards and leaderboard rewards. By actively participating, you can earn awards based on your progress and fight for top spots on the leaderboard to gain further rewards.

The number of clicks your content gets decides your overall rewards. Here’s what you could get in Farlight 84 content creation challenge:

  • Get 100 Diamonds by reaching 800 views.
  • Get 300 Diamonds by reaching 3,000 views.
  • Get 700 Diamonds by reaching 8,000 views.
  • Get 1,000 Diamonds by reaching 20,000 views.

The top 100 players on each platform will get leaderboard awards. Here are some of the prizes available to the best Farlight 84 content creator:

  • The first-place player receives $2,000.
  • The second-place player receives $1,000.
  • The third-place player receives $800.
  • Players ranked 4th to 10th receive $300.
  • Players ranked 11th to 50th receive $100.
  • Players ranked 51st to 100th receive $50.

The platform you select determines how points are calculated for the leaderboard:

  • YouTube points rule: views x0.5 + likes x0.5
  • Facebook points rule: views x0.4 + likes x0.3 + comments x0.3
  • TikTok points rule: views x0.3 + likes x0.3 + comments x0.2 + favorites x0.2
  • Twitch points rule: views x1.0

If you win a monetary prize, it will be paid to you using Payoneer or PayPal.

So, if you participate in the Farlight 84 content creation challenge as a Farlight 84 content creator, you can earn awards based on views as well as fight for top spots on the leaderboard for additional gifts.


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