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ESO Update 39 Patch Notes – All Details!

ESO Update 39 Patch Notes are all out now officially. Elder Scrolls Online update 39 base game patch update is currently live. More about ESO patch update notes are here exclusively at our ga end.

ESO patch 39  update is only live now on the Public Test Server. Players can play the new Elder Scrolls Online 39 Patch update through the PC and Mac Eso launchers too.

To gain access access to the ESO PTS, explore the settings from the PC/Mac ESO launcher and then go to the “Show Public Test Environment.” Now let’s check all new Elder Scrolls Online patch update notes here at GA end.

ESO Update 39 Patch Notes

ESO Update 39 Patch Notes – All Details!

Elder Scrolls Online patch update 39 version will go live only from August 21 on PC/Mac, and September 5 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.The major patch notes for Elder Scrolls Online patch update version 39 are,

ESO Update 39 Patch Notes

  • Combat and PvP battle changes of ESO
  • You get new Armor sets and masks
  • New abilities for ESO will also be live
  • Players of ESO get new house as rewards in the events too
  • Optimized ESO launcher for all macOS users and platforms too
  • Cyrodiil monster masks will be free for all players too
  • Bugs will be fixed and a hassle free experience on ESO will also be experienced too

These are all the major patch update notes for Elder Scrolls Online game. The updates will also be live sooner than expected too. ESO patch update 39 along with notes are here. Play the game and use new abilities to smash all the monsters too.


That’s a wrap for ESO patch update 39 notes news and leaks here at GA end. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more exclusive updates and features here. Share your queries in the comment box below here.

Elder Scrolls Online is an open world RPG. An online multiplayer battle game that takes place in the world of Elder Scrolls. You can play it on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC too.

All heroes get equipment, skills, magic powers, weapons, armor sets, and more. Steel loot from enemies and also craft all essential resources to progress in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

There will be plenty of locations to explore and travel with your friends and dominate the battle field of Elder Scrolls World. The game is fun and intense at the same time too.

An open world MMORPG where many tussle against each other in a fiery war battle. Explore all monster filled dungeons and take part in PvP quests and battles too.

Join your friends and a group of adventurers to win battles in this amazing Elder Scrolls Online game. You can all have fun with your friends too. Stay tuned to us for more Elder Scrolls Online updates and leaks here on our Ga end too.

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