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Dave the Diver Branch Manager Guide and Tips! #2023

Who is the best Dave the Diver branch manager for your Banco Sushi Restaurant? Here’s one complete ga guide on the branch manager for Dave the Diver game.

At night, Dave has to run a hotel and also he needs to take care of its profits as well. You need the branch manager for all branches too.

As of now, Dave the Diver has only one branch for the Banco Sushi Restaurant too. But you must all hire the best staff and employees for Dave to run this exclusive business too.

Dave the Diver Branch Manager Guide and Tips! #2023

You have to complete certain quests of Dave the Diver to get access to the staff menu first and then you can all recruit employees too.

There are plenty of employees in Dave the Diver where you can assign them various roles like cooking, serving, collecting ingredients, and attract customers to sushi restaurant too.

Once you all get access to the staff menu of Dave the Diver, use coins to give Ads too. The ads are like flyer, tv, and internet too.

You can hire up to 4 at maximum per day. Dave the Diver branch manager is also not an easy task as you must check on their traits and skills too.

For the branch manager of Banco Sushi Restaurant, Dave the Diver gives you the best options like Itsuki, James, and finally Carolina too.

Dave the Diver Branch

You can also regularly update their perks and skills for more bonus effects and stats of Dave the Diver. The best abilities of branch manager can take the business of Sushi restaurant to top class level too.

Dave the Diver Branch


That’s all about the best Dave the Diver branch manager guide from us here at GA. Run the Sushi restaurant using the best manager and earn more gold coins too.

Dave the Diver is a latest game. In this amazing game, all players can dive into underwater locations of Ocean, Seas, Islands. Then, catch more than 200 sea creatures like fish and jelly fish.

Dave is the hero of the game and he is also running a restaurant named Banco Sushi at night. Here, you can also serve fish that you caught in the seas.

The game’s new feature is Dave has even gotten access to a smart phone. This will also guide Dave through out the game’s missions too. Dave can find the best equipment and also he will know all locations by tracking them through his friends on the phone too.

Dave earns gold coins and more profits for all dishes he serves at restaurant during night. Dave the Diver game is for all wanderers, travelers, and explorers too. A beautiful game that never makes you tired.

This game from Mintrocket team developers is available now for PC and macOS platforms too. Dave the Diver has everything you need right now.

There’s also a green tea recipe that you can all serve to customers to double up your profits too and green tea has to be poured correctly too to all customers of the Dave the Diver game right now currently.  Play the game on PC and no mobile version is also available currently.

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