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Who is BGMI GOAT Player of All Time- Top BGMI Players in 2023!

Who is BGMI Goat Player of all Time? BGMI has returned back to Indian servers and now let’s find the top 5 BGMI players here in our article. There are lakhs of players who are playing BGMI in India. These players have always wanted to become a pro player or even wish to join an e-Sports team.

With more skills and stats, every BGMI player can become a goat BGMI player. Here’s the list of top 5 BGMI players in our GA end.

Who is BGMI GOAT Player of All Time- Top 5 BGMI Players in 2023!

Not only boys, even girls have been playing BGMI and some of them have been superstars already. Here are the best 5 BGMI players in India in 2023,

Jonathan Amaral

Who is BGMI GOAT Player

No one plays BGMI without knowing him. Jonathan is obviously the numero uno in BGMI in india. 5112616229 is his ID. He has had exceptional skills and kills that’s what made him one among the best 5 BGMI players in India. Jonathan has so many fans and that’s what made him a goat BGMI player in India. Follow his social media pages for more gameplay tips and tricks in BGMI.

Scout OP

Scout, Scout OP, or Tanmay Singh however you may call is another beast player in BGMI. Scout has always been in the list of best 5 BGMI players of India. His success ratio has always been top notch and his passion for BGMI with exemplary skills has already made him a goat BGMI player of India. Tanmay Singh BGMI id is 5144286984.

Soul Goblin

Soul goblin

Soul Goblin is a goat level BGMI player. Harsh Paudwal, plays for the team soul. He has won so many awards and tournaments. He has won more than 10,000 games and defeated more than 1000s of enemies. His damage and kills in BGMI are remarkable. He has been playing so well to just attain this goat level status in BGMI. 5292595691 is his BGMI in-game id.


Shubham Ranjan Sahoo or popularly known as TsmNinja is a BGMI player, Esports player, and content creator. He holds the record for most continuous kills. He’s also won consecutive awards and tournaments. Watch his videos to improvise your kills and skills in BGMI.

He just started his journey in 2019 and has become a goat level BGMI player in just a short span of 2 years. He’s earned more than 20 Lakhs just by playing BGMI. He’s a great inspiration for all upcoming BGMI players that if you have passion and dedication, nothing will be impossible in this world. Follow his tsmftx ninja YouTube channel for more BGMI gameplay videos. 5142730488 this is his BGMI in-game id, check his records and stats right now.


Who is BGMI GOAT Player

Akshat Goel is a rising superstar. He’s already considered as a BGMI goat among his peers. His acumen and awareness of BGMI skills have made him a top star. His strategy is different, he progresses in BGMI one by one. He doesn’t rush much and this has been his success mantra in the game. Akshat Goel also plays for Esports Team Soul and also a streamer.

His networth is always high and it will only increase much too. Akshat has earned more than $600k till date. 5512526422 is his BGMI in-game id too. Akshat id already a BGMI goat player and will rise more in the future as well.

That’s all about the goat BGMI players of India. Who is BGMI goat player all time? We hope, we have given the answers for you all here. Become a goat BGMI player by following these top five and best 5 BGMI players of India right now.

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