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How to Complete Destiny 2 Deep Dive Exotic Quest?

A New Destiny 2 deep dive exotic quest is live. You have to catch around 3 fish to unlock the Wicked Implement and catalyst as well.

To get the wicked implement scout rifle along with its catalyst, first you must all play the wicked depths triumph of Destiny 2 Season 21 currently. Then you get access to the new set of quests too.

There are plenty of fishing activities and finally you can easily comp the new deep dive exotic quest easily on the Destiny 2 game too. Every quest is simple and all guardians can complete them easily too. The new exotic rifle is the best one from the team of Bungie so far.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Deep Dive Exotic Quest?

You have to complete and catch 3 Exotic fish in the different worlds of Destiny 2 and also offer three broken blades to the game too.

The best locations to catch exotic fish for the new deep dive exotic quest in July 2023 are Nessus, Edz, and the new Throne world too.

Aeonian Alpha-Betta, Vexing Placoderm, Whispering Mothcarp are all three exotic fish that you can find and trap here now. Also, deposit these fish at the Helm as well.

The complete the broken blades part in the three thrall statues of deep dive too. Once this is done, you can complete all remaining deep dive encounters too.

Do all remaining tasks and then finally you can all unlock the Wicked Implement catalyst too. The wicked implement is an amazing scout rifle on Destiny 2 and you can launch massive missiles as well through this.


That’s all about the Destiny 2 deep dive exotic quest leaks and updates for July 2023 here at our GA guide.

Complete the new set of deep dive exotic quests and you can also earn the new wicked implement scout rifle and its catalyst too. Share your comments in the comment box below here.

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