India Best Esports Lineup: The Rising Starts in 2023!

India Best Esports Lineup is dependent on mobile games in current scenarios, as well as BGMI. Here we are going to discuss, in our opinion which lineup is India Best Esports Lineup and their current stats.

India Best Esports Lineup: Past Achievements and Current Stats

India’s esports business is expanding quickly, and the nation has given the world some of the top esports competitors. This article will examine India’s top esports roster, as well as their recent accomplishments and performance statistics.

The Lineup: A Detailed Look

Current India Best Esports Lineup is composed of the following players:

• Omega (Sahil Jakhar): Omega is one of the most popular esports players in India. He is known for his aggressive gameplay and his ability to clutch in important moments. Omega is also a skilled in-game leader (IGL), which helps his team to coordinate their strategies effectively.

India Best Esports Lineup


• Hector (Sohail Shaikh): Hector is a skilled assaulter who is known for his ability to rack up kills. He is a fantastic teammate who is always willing to help out.

India Best Esports Lineup

• Goblin (Harsh Paudwal): Goblin is another highly skilled player who is known for his aggressive playstyle. In long-range encounters, his team benefits significantly from his excellent sniping skills.

India Best Esports Lineup

• Akshat (Akshat Goel): Akshat is a versatile player who can fill multiple roles in his team. In long-range encounters, his team benefits greatly from his excellent sniping skills. He is also a very good communicator, which helps his team to stay coordinated during matches.

India Best Esports Lineup

• Neyo (Nehal Jadhav): Neyo is the newest member of this lineup. He is a skilled support player who is known for his ability to provide cover for his teammates. He is a great clutch player who regularly turns a game around to his team’s benefit.

Past Achievements

This lineup has been successful lately in 2023. They have won several tournaments, and esports in recent times. They recently won the Skyesports Champions Series 2023 & became the champions.

Current Stats

The team is currently coached by Amit Dubey. He has been a part of the team since its inception and has significantly aided in its success. He has a well-established reputation as a strategic master in the Indian esports scene.

The team is expected to continue to be one of the top contenders in the Indian BGMI scene in 2023. With a strong lineup and an experienced coach, they have all the ingredients to be successful. This lineup is currently ranked number one in India in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports scene.


This lineup is undoubtedly India best esports lineup. They are currently ranked first in the nation after experiencing great success in recent years. They are the front-runners for the next BGIS 2023 competition, and they might play for India at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023.

India Best Esports Lineup

Here are some additional details about the players’ past achievements and current stats:

  • Omega has won numerous tournaments, including the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series – Season 1. Also, they have won Pro Warrior Cup Season 1 & the conquest round of the Warrior Cup Season 2.
  • Goblin has also won numerous tournaments, including the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series – Season 1.
  • Akshat is a talented player that can play a number of positions on his squad. He is a proficient sniper who significantly contributed to his team’s triumph. In addition to being a proficient fragger, he can also play as a support player. He also has outstanding communication abilities, which help his team work together throughout games.
  • Hector is a proficient assaulter who has a reputation for amassing kills. He is a great teammate who is constantly eager to assist.
  • Neyo is a reliable support player who has a reputation for being able to provide his teammates with cover. He is also a great clutch player who frequently alters the course of a game in favour of his side.

Overall this is the India Best Esports Lineup as of now according to us the stats. You can comment down below your favourite India Best Esports Lineup. Follow us for more such content & other amazing updates about esports.

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