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How to Join eSports Team in India BGMI: Easy Guide

How To Join eSports Team in India BGMI?: In India, many gaming users have been very much interested to join in an eSports team. It’s been a passion for some and some want to do it for entertainment. And especially many have been wanting to join in eSports BGMI team. Are you interested to join and know more? Follow this article to find it out.

Joining an eSports team is not rocket science. Many youngsters here are waiting to make their entries. With BGMI also marking its entry into eSports who would say no? All you need is experience and some guidance from experts.

Many here are aspiring to join an eSports team, whether it’s a small company or a big reputed company, whether as a beginner in an internship or as a full-time employer, they just want to make their entry. So, with BGMI’s entry into eSports, BGMI fans can definitely keep their hopes high and keep hustling hard, to join.

How to Join eSports Team in India BGMI: What are the Requirements?

How to Join eSports Team in India BGMI
How to Join eSports Team in India BGMI

So let’s see how one can make their entry into the eSports fraternity, starting this while doing your studies will be recommended and a good thing.  

The first and foremost thing is that you need to know more about the game. You must keep playing the games regularly and know each and everything about it. You can also take references from YouTube and web browsers, but make sure that you are knowing everything.

And in BGMI you can very easily join the eSports team. There are many ways to make your entry into it, Keep playing the game regularly and without losing much, and keep a good track record. 

And there are many tournaments been conducted over the years. The current tournaments are BMOC, BGIS, and Battleground Mobile Pro Season. 

All these tournaments will help you in lots of ways. First, you have a chance of winning cash prizes, and in-game resources. Then by winning Tournaments you gain experience and thereby make yourself the front runner for the eSports team as a member.

Join eSports Team in India BGMI: Tiers and Guide

The teams are classified into three tiers namely t1, t2, t3. Before entering the tiers, you should know about it and you can also take guidance from these tier 1 and tier 2 players as they boast a lot of experience and it will help you mould yourself.

Tier 1

In tier 1, Mostly there will be professional teams and players having their own brand. To become tier 1, one must have lots of experience and skills, there by reaching it through all their hardwork and experience. Learn from them as they are the best in this.

Tier 2

Tier 2 can be of some who are yet to become pro players and also with some experience relatively, they might have lots of experience in Tournaments and also in their game Level. So do get their guidance and tips for how to join and win Tournaments.

Tier 3

Tier 3 , mostly beginners and others who play for entertainment especially in Tournaments conducted by YouTube and Instagram pages. You will be in tier 3 as soon as you begin. 


So here we have come up with a very interesting article, especially for all the youngsters out there, who have their passion as eSports writers and joining its team. Follow the procedures in this article and make a career for yourself, learn from the best to gain experience. Starting at the earliest will be a wise move as there are millions of competitors.

Hope you all will find this article useful, follow all these hope your passion comes to fruition one day. We will be back with the next one soon. Share your queries in the comment box.

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