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BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download: Download Now

BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File DownloadBGMI, Battle Ground Mobile India game had a huge fan base in India. When the government banned the whole PUBG due to the security issues. The Indian version of PUBG, Battle Ground Mobile India was made for the Indians. It has the same arena and all the things which give it the feel like the real PUBG.

The game had a large number of downloads. Every teenager plays this multiplayer battle royale arena game. The game Lags in the devices of many players due to its large files. This is the drawback of the game. But don’t worry if you want a solution , we are here. BGMI Lag Fix Config File Download will be given by us only on this article. Read this article to get the solution to your problem. Let’s See the solution to this. 

BGMI 3.0 32 Bit and 64 Bit
BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File

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BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download

We will give you the solution of the BGMI Lag Fix Config File Download. This will help you to get the lag free game. We will tell you the steps for the procedure so that no confusion will occur for you. This fix will work for every RAM mobile upto 2GB. It also helps to reduce the warmness of the mobile.


  • There are certain reasons due to which it lags
  • The RAM of the phone can be low.
  • Internal storage of the device was full or about to full.
  • There can also be a reason that a new update came to the mobile of the game due to it lags because of new things always adding that time.

It is also advised that you should use the GFX tool. It was noted that it helps to function the game properly but it completely damages your mobile from inside. The battery and your version will be smashed badly through this. You are reading the BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download.


There are a lot of benefits to using the config file. It will help you in various things and also help to get rid of the lag problem of the game. But the mobile graphics will get low due to this

  • The game will go smooth
  • The phone will not lag
  • It’s didn’t catch warm due to high usage
  • Didn’t damage the mobile internally
  • Your ID will not be ban
  • Full optimization will come
  • Available and workable for all devices

To get these you have to keep some things in mind like firstly you should have a proper internet connection for the download. There should be clear memory and a decent space should be there in your phone Or device.

To download the config file you have to download some things from Google play store that is a Z- archiver. You are reading the BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download article where they are giving you all the small details of the topic so that you will get proper app download without any query left and problems.

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BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download

Steps to download

We will tell you the steps for the download process. You just have to follow these in sequence and then you are ready to play the game. The steps for the download are as follows:

  • Download the z-archiver and config file. It is the basic step and do it first from the play store Link
  • After that download it and extract it with the help of z-archiver
  • Then copy your config file
  • Then paste that config file at the location you want preferably in the games section.
  • Then copy the highly optimised resolution and paste it.
  • Now you can use that without any problem.

This is all about the BGMI 3.0 Lag Fix Config File Download. We told you every little thing about the topic. Read carefully and follow them accurately.

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