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How to Fix Rogue Company Version Mismatch 2023

Rogue Company, a highly underrated and often overlooked free-to-play FPS game, boasts a dedicated and passionate fan base. In this comprehensive article, we will take an in-depth look at Rogue Company Version Mismatch and explore various potential solutions to overcome this frustrating hurdle. While the game generally runs smoothly without any major issues, players occasionally stumble upon perplexing error codes that can disrupt their gameplay experience. Among these, the Rogue Company Version Mismatch Error Code 1,000,014,299 has recently garnered attention due to an increase in reports.

How to Fix Rogue Company Version Mismatch 2023

The Rogue Company Version Mismatch Error Code 1,000,014,299 typically occurs when there is a disparity between the version of the game installed on your system and the version hosted on the game server. Usually, this discrepancy arises after a recent game update. However, it is disheartening to note that some players have reported experiencing the error even after diligently updating their game to the latest version, such as the highly anticipated version 0.52.2674.0.

Rogue Company Version Mismatch Issue

When confronted with the Rogue Company Version Mismatch Error, it is imperative to start troubleshooting by checking for any available updates for the game. More often than not, an update will indeed be waiting to be installed, aligning your game version with the server’s version. Hence, ensure that you promptly update the game to the latest available version. It is crucial to emphasize that this step applies to all players, regardless of their preferred gaming platform. 

If, however, the error persists even after updating the game, a simple restart of your gaming system might work wonders. By relaunching the game, you give it a fresh start and a chance to rectify any temporary glitches that may be causing the error. Suppose you find yourself still encountering the version mismatch error after diligently following the aforementioned steps of updating the game and restarting your system. In that case, it is time to explore alternative solutions. 

One potential approach is to clear the cache on your gaming device. Although this solution is effective for most platforms, it is important to note that PlayStation 4 (PS4) users do not have a dedicated cache-clearing option. In such instances, performing a hard reset of the console may be necessary to refresh the system and clear any residual cache.If, despite your best efforts, the error continues to persist, it is advisable to consider the possibility of the issue lying on the server side.  It is plausible that the game servers are undergoing maintenance following the recent update, or an unexpected glitch may be causing the version mismatch error. 

How to Fix Rogue Company Version Mismatch 2023

How to Fix Rogue Company Version Mismatch Error

In such cases, it is crucial to exercise patience and allow the developers and server administrators ample time to resolve the underlying problem. It is worth mentioning that some players have reported that the Error Code 1,000,014,299 eventually disappears on its own without any further action required from the player. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for a few hours and check for any official announcements from the game’s development team regarding server status and ongoing maintenance.

To summarize, the Rogue Company Version Mismatch Error Code 1,000,014,299 has recently gained prominence within the player community across multiple platforms. Despite the error not being exclusive to a particular platform, reports have surfaced from players on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, highlighting the ubiquity of this issue. If you continue to encounter the error after updating the game, restarting your system, and clearing the cache (if applicable), it is vital to remain patient and allow the game’s developers to rectify any server-related issues or glitches. 

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