How To Check All Diablo 4 Completed Quests?

Want to know how to check Diablo 4 completed quests? As it is very difficult to keep track of the completed quest, as it is a combination of an open world with MMO elements. Everyone knows that Diablo 4 is a role-playing game in which you will not miss any action. As the game is filled with action and lots of quests, it is difficult to keep track of how much we complete.

And one reason is that the game did not show how Diablo 4 completed quests. Also, in many other games like Hogwarts Legacy, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher, we will get a nice format of main quests and side quests. But you see the completed quest in those games, and in Diablo 4 when you completed the quest it will disappear form our journal and we don track oue completed quest.

So in this article, we will discuss and show you how to check the completed Diablo 4 quests. And also the latest updates of Diablo 4, which are related to the quest as well. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Diablo 4 completed quests

Why Are Diablo 4’s Completed Quests Not Shown In The Game?

The reason Diablo 4 completed quests aren’t shown in the player account is because once the quest is completed, it disappears from the journal. The journal is the official name of the game Diablo 4, which is given by the developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

In this case, we have to look at the journal in order to know the available quests. By the day, we can select the available quests to order from the map. But when we complete the quest, it disappears, so there is no record of when we completed it. In the next paragraph, we will get to whether there is any way to track or check Diablo 4’s completed quests.

Diablo 4 completed quests

How to Check All Diablo 4 Completed Quests?

To check the completed quests in Diablo 4, there is no quest tracking system in the game. So if we want to check or know how many quests we have completed in Diablo 4, we have to manually track each quest on our own.

However, the main quest, which is important to level up fast and help get rewards, is available to see on the map. We can see the available main quests on the map with the help of the daily menu by clicking the left button on the D-pad. Or if you want to see your progress, you can see it in the available missions. It is divided into three parts: the main quest, the priority quest, and the side quest.

Diablo 4 completed quests

Updates Of Diablo 4 Game:

Diablo 4 is an action role-playing game in which we play the role of a character we choose or are given by the game. Diablo 4 is developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and the new update was recently released as a beta version. And today, June 5, 2023, it is going to fully release Diablo 4, and early access will be given on June 1, 2023.

In this new Diablo 4 update, many features like re-play, generated dungeons, and loot-focused character building will be available. Also, players can make their own characters from any of the five classes. If you don’t know the classes, then here they are: barbarian, druid, necromancer, rogue, and sorcerer. So this is the new update for Diablo 4.

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