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New Relik BOSS and his Mythic Weapon: Uncovering the Locations!

Relik Boss And His Mythic Weapon: In our previous article, we saw the items we would get in the new Cloak Gauntlets. And one of these items is Relik Boss And His Mythic Weapons. Basically, the Relik boss has two items: the first is his cloak gauntlets, and the second is his mythic weapon, the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle.

Relik BOSS And His Mythic Weapon

As I said in my previous post, you can get this mythical item by doing this task, and it will be added to your inventory. But it is very difficult to find them, and you have to defeat the boss to get his mythic weapon. To do this, we have to find the location of Relik Boss And His Mythic Weapon.

And when we find it, we have to defeat the Relik boss and get his weapon. So here in this post, we will discuss all about the Relik Boss And His Mythic weapon location in detail and try to find his location so we can get his weapon.


Relik BOSS And His Mythic Weapons Location :-

Relik BOSS And His Mythic Weapon


The location in which the Relik Boss will be found is the Rumble Ruins. East of Shattered Slabs is where you’ll find the ruins. This boss is a little mysterious and hard for locate, but you can usually find him walking on outside the ruins.

Because the Relik boss is wearing mythic cloak gauntlets, you can also find them. You can find these highly powerful gloves in a few different locations. The best places for finding for them are Shady Stilts, Creeky Compound, and Rumble Ruins. The Relik boss and his mythic weapon are more likely to be seen in these locations. So, if you wish to find this legendary a weapon, get out there.


How To Defeat Relik Boss To Get His Mythic Weapon?

Relik BOSS And His Mythic Weapon

The MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is a new weapon of Relik boss. Once you find the Relik boss in the Rumble Ruins, you have to defeat him. As MK- Alpha is a powerful automatic rifle that is equipped with a red-dot sight it is difficult to fight against the Relik boss.

But once you defeat the Relik boss, he will drop both of his MK-Alpha Assault Rifle and his Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item. The Relik boss and his mythic weapon are extremely powerful and capable of dealing a tonne of damage. If you can get your hands on it, it will be hard for your opponent to defeat you in the match.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, the Relik Boss and his mythic weapons, including the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle and the Cloak Gauntlets, keep a major impact in the realm of Cloak Gauntlets. The boss is located in the dangerous Rumble Ruins, and it takes a lot of skill to get rid of him. The rewards, however, make the effort worth.

The Relik Boss gives the player his powerful assault rifle and the legendary cloak gauntlets once he got defeated. These weapons are extremely powerful and give the user a considerable defensive advantage. To secure your control in the game, go on a quest to find the boss, fight him, and take the Relik Boss And his mythic weapons.

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