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Where To Find New Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item?

The new Cloak Gauntlets mythic item is available in the Fortnite game. Now you can get this mythical item by doing this task, and it will be added to your inventory. This new cloak and gauntlets mythic item is very powerful and useful to you. But at the same time, it is very difficult to find them. If you find these items, you have to defeat the boss to get them. Overall, in this article, we will tell you where to find the New Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item and how to get it. So stay in this post to know all this.

New Cloak Gauntlets mythic item

What Is Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item?

The new Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item is a set of unique gloves that let you mix into your surroundings simply through the use of the shining material Kinetic Ore. These gauntlets are available in chests or on the ground. When you put them on, you’ll temporarily become covered with Kinetic Ore, mixing in with your surroundings. You can stay hidden for some time, but every use is followed by a cooldown period.

The good news is that you can use the gauntlets to cover yourself again because they have unlimited charges. You won’t be able to directly attack opponents when wearing the Cloak Gauntlets. However, you are able to disable your invisibility by taking off the gauntlets or changing to another item in your inventory. Keep in mind that wearing these gauntlets is all about being hidden and reducing your visibility to others.


Where To Find Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item?

If you wondering where to find new Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item then follow this instruction given in the below paragraph. You will easily undo where to can get those Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Items.

  1. On the Island, look for Wildguard Relik. You will get the unique Mythic item of the Cloak Gauntlets as a reward for defeating him.
  2. Search near the island for Kinetic Ore. You have to use this shining substance with the Cloak Gauntlets. As you’re moving around, keep an eye out for it.
  3. Watch the ground and the chests. While exploring or looting, you can get the New Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item. These locations are where you can find these things.


How To Get All Three Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Items?

1. Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets:

New Cloak Gauntlets mythic item

A powerful boss known as Wildguard Relik appears in the game’s jungle part. You will get the unique Mythic alternative of the gauntlets, Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, if you are successful at defeating this boss. You can remain invisible for a longer period of time with the help of these New Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item by covering yourself in shiny Kinetic Ore. Additionally, they have a shorter cooldown time between uses, allow you to use them as soon as possible. You’ll have an even greater stealth advantage in the game with these improved gauntlets.

2. MK-Alpha Assault Rifle:

New Cloak Gauntlets mythic item

The MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is a new weapon. It is a powerful automatic rifle that is equipped with a red-dot sight. Additionally, the Island is now selling a unique Mythic item of this weapon. Relik the Wildguard will drop both of his MK-Alpha Assault Rifle and his new Cloak Gauntlets Mythic Item when you defeat him. This mythic weapon is extremely powerful and capable of dealing a tonne of damage. If you can get your hands on it, you’ll have a powerful weapon.

3. Flare Gun:

New Cloak Gauntlets mythic item

The Flare Gun has been restored into the game in addition to the hot jungle area. You can use the flare gun to fire it at an enemy’s building to start a fire that spreads. Cover yourself in mud to keep hidden and avoid being targeted if you wish to avoid the risk of someone using a flare gun on you. While exploring the game, Flare Guns may be found on the ground or in chests.


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