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Valorant New Agent 23: Release Date Revealed?

The Valorant New Agent 23 will soon be released in the game. This is the third agent in a row to go to Valorant. We all saw the teaser for New Agent 23 in Valorant, and all of us are excited to play with it. But unfortunately, it has not been released yet, and we don’t know when it will be released. However, in this article, we will only discuss this thing. We will see the release date of Valorant New Agent 23 and learn some additional things about it. So stay in this post to know all of these things.

Valorant New Agent 23

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What Are The Skills Of Valorant New Agent 23?

Players have been waiting Valorant New Agent 23, which is also known to be the the Sentinel. The executive producer of the game, Anna Donlon, gave a clue about the agent’s skills, saying that they could disable opponents and draw them in. This meaning fits the trap-based Sentinels like Killjoy and Cypher’s play.

Valorant new Agent 23

Players were excited to get a glimpse of New Agent 23 In Valorant using multiple tools on a surface in a picture that revealed all. Which further shows that one of their skills is the construction of barriers or obstacles for opponents.

It’s interesting the other of the cards in the most current Battle Pass refers to a thing called a “death trap,” which is surprisingly like what’s happening on the tables. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Valorant new Agent 23, who is expected to bring an original play style which focuses on traps to the game.

When Did Valorant New Agent 23 Release?

Valorant New Agent 23

Either June 27 or June 28, Valorant Episode 7 is set to be released (North America and South America get it a day early), and it will feature some interesting fresh content. A new Agent named Agent 23 is one of the interesting additions. However, you are unable to get the Agent right now.

By completing in-game missions and challenges, you have to get experience points (XP). Agent 23 can be unlocked once you get enough XP. If you’d prefer not to wait, you can also buy the Agent with real money that you can buy with in-game currency.

Along with the new Agent 23 In Valorant, the game’s advancement mechanics are being updated. So get ready for some fun and exciting updates in Valorant Episode 7, including the new Valorant Account for Sale.


After the grand final of the ongoing VCT Master’s Tokyo tournament the Valorant New Agent 23, is expected to be revealed. The character is likely to be included in the game a few days later, around the time that ACT 7 is released. In a quick 15-second video, we see Sova’s drone checking a remote location that seems to be where Valorant New Agent 23 is located.

It might also be the main office of one of the valiant groups. The building has a special symbol that different from all of the logos of the groups that we have seen so far. But many think that Agent 23 belongs to Atlas, a group having a base in Lisbon, Portugal.

The idea comes from some leaked images that show three emails sent by Agent 23 to the Atlas organization. These emails show that Agent 23 is fighting the Alpha organisation, has a family, and lost an arm. He is a sentinel, who is also known. So be ready for Valorant New Agent 23, who will be joining the game and bringing a fascinating backstory and special powers.

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