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Valorant Pride Banners 2023: How To Get Pride Cards?

Valorant pride banners are going to come once again as the game celebrates LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. Last year, Valorant also celebrated other games like League of Legends. This year, Valorant Pride 2023 is going to give many gifts and items to the players to celebrate Pride Month.

Valorant Pride Banners

Also in Valorant Pride Month 2023, they release many new items and cosmetics that we can get for free. From the source, we get to know that several items from previous years are also returning to the Valorant Pride banners. I hope your favourite item will return to Valorant Pride Month in 2023.

However, in this article, we will discuss the Valorant Pride Banners and know what new and previous banners are coming this year. We will also see the release date of Valorant Pride Month 2023.

What Valorant Pride Banners 2023 Store This Year?

In the last year, during Valorant Pride Month, the game has offered many gift items and many cosmetics for free. I think this year, also for LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, Valorant is going to do the same thing. As the players had offered special codes to use in our Riots account to get free items.

By doing this, we will get the specific Valorant Pride banners for free, which we use for our items. The free items include the Valorant Pride Banners, Valorant Pride Cards 2023, and many more. We can decorate our banners in the various pride flag colours. Valorant Pride Month 2023 started this month and will end this month as well. We will discuss this in the next paragraph.

Valorant Pride Banners

When will Valorant Pride Month 2023 End?

As per the source, Valorant Pride Month 2023 has already started, and we can enjoy the free items and banners. And it will be ending on June 27th, so if you do not take advantage of Valorant Pride Month 2023, then you have the chance.

To let you know, the Valorant official Twitter tweet announced a new Valorant Pride 2023 bundle. And several more items we will get for free; you can also get the Proud and Fierce title for free.

In this bundle, we will get the Valorant Pride cards 2023, banners, gun buddies, and many more. Keep in mind that the Valorant Pride Month 2023 bundles will be available until June 27, 2023; after that, you will not be able to get anything.

Valorant Pride Banners

How to Get Valorant Pride Cards 2023 For Free?

To get the Valorant Pride Cards 2023 free, the process is very simple, just like last year. We have to follow some simple steps to get the Valorant Pride cards for free in 2023. If you don’t know the steps, take a close look and follow the steps below:

  • In the first step, you have to open the Valorant game on your PC.
  • Then go to the in-game store.
  • After that, you have to choose the brave pride banners or bundles you like.
  • Click on the price button.
  • Don’t worry, there will be no purchase of the bundle; it will be zero credit.
  • Complete the process and add the Valorant Pride Cards 2023 to your profile.

Conclusion :- 

In the Valorant Pride banners are celebrating LGBTQIA+ pride month. Other than Valorant, League of Legends is also celebrating the Month with LGBTQIA+. So enjoy the Valorant pride month 2023 and get the banner and cards for free.

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