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How to Easily Fix Blue Protocol Error 102? – Easy Tips and Tricks Are Here!

How to Fix Blue Protocol Error 102? Blue Protocol just had gone live for all Japanese servers and players too. Here is how you can all fix this now in our GA end here.

Blue Protocol Error 101 is not the only issue now as even Blue Protocol error code 102 and 103 are also there too. But these can also be fixed quickly too easily by following the steps in our guide too.

Blue Protocol error code 102 is mainly due to the IPV6 problems right now. The other two 102 and 103 Blue Protocol error issues are only due to server and windows issues too. Here’s all about these new error codes of Blue Protocol in our GA end here.

How to Easily Fix Blue Protocol Error 102? – Easy Tips and Tricks Are Here!

To fix the error code 102 you must all disable IPV6, run Blue Protocol as an administrator, and restart the game too. Other than these poor internet connection in Blue Protocol will also result in these errors too.

Blue Protocol Release Date

Check out the official Blue Protocol website page for more solutions too. As they have all listed the solutions to all new types of Blue Protocol error codes and issues too.

The solutions will also be in the Japanese language too and you can simply change it to English or your other specified language by just tapping on the translate option from the top right menu too.

Blue Protocol error 102


That’s all about the Blue Protocol error 102 code and issues here at our GA end. All solutions to fix the new Blue Protocol Error 103, Blue Protocol Error 102, Blue Protocol Error 101 are given here at our Gaming Acharya end too.

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Blue Protocol, The epic multiplayer fantasy action adventure and a role playing game from the developers Bandai Namco Entertainment is a fantastic fantasy adventure game. Here, you explore the dungeons and regnas locations. The gameplay trailer of Blue Protocol is here,

The combat here will be fantastic and you can all expect some extraordinary features and content too. Overall, Blue Protocol will be a game that’s going to stun everyone after its release. Check out the trailer of Blue Protocol here,

New swords, weapons, heroes, pets, and fantasy locations are all major features and content for Blue Protocol. The PvP and PvE battles will also be a visual treat as well.

Blue Protocol is getting ready for PS, PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X|S as well. Mobile game of this mmorpg is also not available too. Right now, all Japanese users can play the game. The game will be out for all other regions from next year.

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