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How to Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus

Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds: Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has finally arrived, ushering in a wave of excitement among players. With this new season comes a plethora of thrilling quests and captivating map locations to explore. One of the most intriguing additions to Fortnite in Season 3 is the collaboration with the iconic Transformers franchise, which introduces special Fortnite Transformers quests for players to undertake. These quests offer a unique twist to the gameplay experience, allowing players to collect Transformers tokens and unlock the formidable Cybertron Cannon, a weapon that can turn the tide of battle. 

How to Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus

Upon triumphant completion of the “Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus” quest, you will be rewarded with a substantial bounty of 30,000 experience points. This valuable reward serves as a testament to your swift and strategic gameplay. By accomplishing this challenge, you have demonstrated your ability to quickly assess the situation, adapt to changing circumstances, and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.

How to Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus

In this article, we will provide an extensive walkthrough of one of the Fortnite Transformers quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: “Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus.” While the first week of quests became available in the game upon the season’s release on June 9, 2023, additional information about the second week of quests has surfaced through data mining efforts. Mastering the art of swift deployment from the Battle Bus and taking immediate action upon hitting the ground is crucial for survival in Fortnite. 

As the ever-evolving landscape introduces new dynamics to the battlefield, securing a vehicle at the beginning of the match can provide a significant advantage. Even without traditional weaponry, opponents will tremble with fear as you maneuver swiftly through the terrain, compelling them to retreat hastily from your path of destruction. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the quest “Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus” and uncover the steps required for its completion:

Mark Slappy Shores on the map

As you leap from the Battle Bus, set your sights on Slappy Shores. To ensure a seamless journey to the desired point of interest (POI), mark Slappy Shores on your map. This strategic move will allow you to navigate efficiently towards the destination, regardless of the Battle Bus’s flight path. Once you have identified the location, adjust your trajectory accordingly and descend towards Slappy Shores with precision.

Glide close to the ground

As you approach the designated POI, strive to maintain a low altitude during your glide. By descending closer to the ground, you increase the likelihood of a swift landing and minimize the time spent between touchdown and securing a vehicle. While descending, remain vigilant and scan the surrounding area for a suitable vehicle to embark upon. A smooth and timely transition from mid-air to the driver’s seat is essential for accomplishing this quest successfully.

How to Drive a Vehicle within 20 Seconds of Landing from the Bus

Enter a vehicle promptly

Once you have positioned yourself in close proximity to the ground and spotted a vehicle within reach, it is time to execute a flawless landing. Touch down with finesse and swiftly make your way towards the identified vehicle. Time is of the essence, so ensure that no moment is wasted in claiming the vehicle as your own. The ability to enter the vehicle within the first 20 seconds of landing is crucial for completing this quest efficiently. Beware of potential adversaries who may attempt to seize the vehicle before you have the chance to secure it for yourself.

As of now, these are all the known Fortnite Transformers quests in Chapter 4 Season 3. However, it is important to note that additional quests may be introduced throughout the season, offering further opportunities for exciting gameplay and unique rewards. We will strive to keep you updated with the latest information and provide comprehensive guides to help you conquer each new quest that emerges.

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