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How Do We Participate In Community Battles Fortnite 2023?

Community battles Fortnite 2023 is the new event that was released recently in Space Battle Ultima Island. If you don’t know about this island, you can see our previous post, where we gave all the details. You can easily know all the things there and also how to play the space battle ultima.

To participate in this community battle in Fortnite 2023, you have to first get to the Space Ultima island. And to get there, you have to use the code given on the official website. Or if you still find another way to get to the island, click here (Space Battle Ultima Fortnite), and you will directly reach our previous article.

So guys, here in this article we will discuss the community battles for Fortnite 2023, how to participate, and what the eligibility is to get in there. And also what reward we will get after completing community battles in Fortnite 2023. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.

Community Battles Fortnite 2023

Where will the community battles for Fortnite 2023 take place?

Community Battles Fortnite 2023

All the old players know where the community battles in Fortnite 2023 take place. For those who don’t know, take part in Space Battle Ultima, where you can only enter by using the code given in the game. In this event, you have to defeat or kill 50 opponents in a limited amount of time. When you complete the challenge, you will receive rewards.

As we already discussed in our previous post, in this article, we will explain all this in detail. This is available until June 22, 2023. Until then, you can play in this event and earn the reward. If you are unlucky enough to complete this challenge, which is to kill 50 opponents in Space Battle Ultima, then you will not get anything. So play wisely and reap the rewards.


How Do We Participate In The Community Battle Fortnite 2023?

Community Battles Fortnite 2023

You have to use your Epic account to sign into the Fortnite Community Battles website if you want to participate. This helps in tracking how you’re progressing through challenges. Space Battle Ultima is the name of one of the current event’s tasks. It’s an interesting island which a player named Prudiz made in the game. You’ll need to enter a particular code: 2755-0816-9868 to go to this island.

The goal of this challenge is to play on the Space Battle Ultima island and kill a total of 50 opponents. It’s important to keep in mind that character eliminations in the game don’t count towards this challenge. You will get a unique in-game item called the Winged Cavalry Back Bling if you kill 50 opponents during many hours of play on the Space Battle Ultima island.

It’s a great item that you may use to make your character more unique. Until by June 22 at 4:00 AM ET, the Fortnite Community Battles event will be available. So to get your reward, be sure that you take part in and complete the challenge by that time in the Fortnite Community Battle of 2023.


So in the end, I just want to say that play the game fairly and win the rewards to add in the your list. If you not available to complete the Community Battle Frotnite 2023 don’t worry then game will add the item in the shop so you get it for there. But you have to pay for it then so if you want it free do complete the challenge of Community Battle Fortnite 2023.

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