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BGMI UC Carding Method 2024: Unlimited UC & How to Use?

BGMI UC Carding Method: As you, all know that BGMI UC Carding method is one of the easiest ways to purchase UC. Although it’s not allowed and illegal in India, many still continue to do it at their own risk. So, let’s see how we can get UC in this article. Scroll down to know more about the same.

BGMI UC Carding Method: How It Works?

By purchasing this UC, you get the currency in the game which you can use to buy royal Passes, Elite Pass, Shop outfits, and also for many events too. But you have to be more tentative, as the BGMI team might ban you from playing further if they detect you.

For all these processes you must have the app on your Android or iOS device with a Gmail account. And make sure to add your details to it. But again still make sure to use it safely as you might get banned.

BGMI UC Carding Method
BGMI UC Carding Method

BGMI UC Carding Method

To purchase the free UC, you need a credit score and also your own private internet connection. Then you must enter the details of your card like Card Name, Card Number, CVV, etc on the Google play store. Other than these you can also buy the passes through UPI, Netbanking, Google Play Redeem Codes, etc.

BGMI UC Carding Method: Other Ways To Earn UC

Google Opinion Rewards

BGMI UC Carding Method opinion rewards
BGMI UC Carding Method

Another method to earn UC is by downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app which allows you to earn Google Pay Balance by participating in Surveys. You can simply take part in those surveys and earn a pay balance, which will help you to get UC.

And again with the UC, you can purchase your favorite items or royal passes, elite passes, etc. And you need not worry about using this app, as it’s been approved and authorized by Google themselves. These surveys are very easy to take part in, so don’t miss out on these chances too.

Free Giveaways

This is also another way to earn UC is there are many apps and websites which continuously give contests and tournaments, by participating you can earn UC again. And also several YouTube channels regularly conduct tournaments, which helps you to earn these rewards, and also you also get a chance to progress to the next level and up your game.

By competing with many world-class players, your skills get improved too and thereby increasing your chances of winning too. So never miss out on these tournaments and contests as it gives you the easiest chance to buy UC.


So, today we have shared about the BGMI UC Carding Method, its uses, and also the disadvantages too. Do read this article and also make your chance at buying UC as it gives you many rewards. As said, there are many disadvantages too as the team might deactivate your account once they find you violating the terms.

So be careful once you use it. As it’s not legal here. And also make use of the other options too, which are not risky. Hope you have enjoyed this article and do read our articles too which also might be useful for you.

We will be back with another interesting topic soon until then keep reading these and also feel free to share your comments in the comment box, which will also be answered there.

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