WWE 2k23 The Lock Choices Guide!

WWE 2K23 the lock choices are very important in the game. The wrestling game has many modes and this new locker story mode is essential too. here are the best WWE 2k23 the lock choices guide at our GA end.

MyRise mode is one of the primary in-game modes of WWE 2k23 and this is also required to unlock new rewards. The lock mode is a story mode in this MyRise that also has Jean-Paul Levesque. You can play in both MyRise modes which include lock and legacy.

WWE 2k23 the lock choices

MyRise mode has 4 characters one is Jean-Paul Levesque in the lock mode and the next 3 are female wrestlers for the legacy mode of WWE 2k23 which include Molly Holly, Molly Holly’02, and Mighty Molly too. Here are the best lock choices for WWE 2k23 from GA.

WWE 2k23 The Lock Choices Guide!  

WWE 2k23 the lock choices

Lock story mode is the first one under MyRise mode of WWE 2k23 and the legacy is the next one too. Defeat Jean-Paul Levesque and you can also equip this wrestler. Similarly, you can defeat the three female wrestlers and get them through the legacy mode of WWE 2k23.

The lock mode in WWE 2k23 also has several classes and you can choose on to play the game. Many rewards can also be acquired through the locker mode in the game too. These are the best lock choices in WWE 2k23 so far now too.


That’s everything about WWE 2k23 lock mode choices guide here at GA. Choose the lock mode and complete challenges to earn new rewards in the game too. Stay tuned to us for more about lock story mode news and leaks here.

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Is WWE 2k23 Good?

The most awaited WWE 2k23 game has been out finally. WWE 2k23 is from the developers of Visual Concepts and 2K. WWE 2k23 is also the 23rd entry from the world famous WWE franchise. It is also 10th release from the WWE 2K franchise and also the sequel successor to the WWE 2k22 game too. WWE 2k23 has the hybrid arcade and simulation gameplay and mechanics too.

WWE 2k23 unleashed many in-game gaming modes like MyFACTION, MyGM, Showcase, Universe, career mode MyRISE and a full creation suite. WWE 2k23 will also showcase the popular worldwide wrestler and star John Cena in their covers too.

WarGames mode is also available and now you can all play with 4 wrestlers in the game’s offline mode and 8 players in the game’s online multiplayer mode too. You can also purchase all WWE stars and play in the game’s royal rumble match modes too.


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